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IntroductionThis portfolio will cover two separate client groups which are individuals experiencing homelessness and older adults. It will talk about the reasons why they both require social care services, description of the needs that they require, description of one statutory service available to each client group and one voluntary or independent.    It will also contain a description of how the services may meet the individual needs from the two separate client groups. Client group 1 –  Individuals experiencing homelessnessThe first client group that will be covered is individuals experiencing homelessness. Homelessness is a complicated problem. Anyone can be affected by it no matter what age, gender, race, sexuality etc.  There is a long list of reasons why people become homeless such as:l Unemployment l Lack of affordable housing l Poor mental or physical healthl Gamblingl Drug, alcohol abuse or bothl Any type of relationship breakdownl Abuse ² Physical² Mental² Sexuall Family instabilityl Poverty   Homeless people can be seen in a variety different ways such as: l Living in terrible conditions which would affect their health and well-being.l They stay in a house that may not meet their needs because they are disabled or sick. l Sleeping outside on the streetsl Living in crowded conditions l Staying with friends or family which can be referred as sofa surfing. l Staying in a hostel   Reasons why individuals experiencing homelessness requires social care services The reason why these individuals that are experiencing homelessness require social care services because they are left vulnerable and if that person wants or needs it, they can get that extra help towards improving their lives.  There are many different impacts of homelessness that can affect the individuals such as an obvious change in their lifestyle, increase of alcohol or drug abuse, and mental or physical health issues. 

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