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INTRODUCTIONThis assignment highlights the roles of the wider public health workforce and their influence to public health. It also identifies and reviews the importance and the challenges in the wider public health workforce.  “Public health” is divers and it has been used in many different ways. In recent years, it has been identified that the definition of health is just not the absence of diseases, pains and infirmity but also considers the mental, physical and social well-being of living organisms (WHO)The most accepted definition of public health in the United Kingdom  is “The art and science of preventing diseases, promoting health and prolonging life through organised efforts of society” ( Institute of medicine 1988). In simple terms, health focuses on the sick individual while public health focuses on population.Public Health WorkforceThe public health workforce is made up of all  individuals  and groups of people who primarily promote and protect a population’s health (Rotem 1995). They are made up of people from a wider range of  occupational backgrounds such as health managers, health promotion specialist, community development workers , physicians and nurses.Wider Public Health Workforce (PHW) and their rolesThe royal society of public health (RSPH) in 2015 together with other UK public health practitioners defined the wider public health workforce as ” Any individual who is not a specialist or a practitioner in public health, but has the opportunity or the ability to positively impact health and wellbeing through their (paid or unpaid) work.’ (  These individuals sometimes indirectly positively impact on  people health. An example is a secondary school teacher educating students on sex . Examples of the wider public health workforce and their contribution to public health are:Teaching Professions: These group by way of giving talks on health matters to student and community promotes and protect young people from falling prey to any predictable outbreak. It is easier for this workforce to also have the opportunity to educate peers and family members of the young student This will create awareness of the health topic raised and reduce or prevent any health related issues.Protective service occupations: These includes fire services and the rescuers. These days in the United Kingdom and many other countries, the fire services when invited , make themselves available to educate the public on causes of fire outbreak and how to prevent them. There are also education of how to escape in case of fire. These actions will create fire awareness which can prevent someone from dying.ConclusionThe wider public health workforce has a major influence in public health . If many individuals are encouraged to participate more by assisting and helping their local communities, friends, religious groups, it will create more  awareness and improve wellbeing of living orgasms.

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