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IntroductionThe group has selected The Art Gallery of Alberta for this technical report.This report has been put together for an assignment issued by instructor Lisa sylkwa.The team has chosen The Art Gallery of Alberta because of its unique structural design and considering it being a very well known attractions both locally and around the world.The Alberta Art Gallery has undergone many renovations and relocations in the past, but in 2007 due to the building being mediated as outdated and requiring more space the construction process of the current building began.The purpose of the technical report project is to incorporate the knowledge learned in the Civil Engineering Technology Program to analyze the construction of The Alberta Art Gallery . The team will  focus primarily on the structural design of The rArt Gallery of Alberta , as well as the cost of the project  in relation to the estimated budget. Also we will discuss the civil engineering problems faced during the construction of The AGA. For our technical report we will not be discussing the ________________.BackgroundThe most recent development of The Art Gallery of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta was announced in 2005 and began construction in 2007 after demolishing most of the previous structure(Building, n.d.) .The AGA was designed by world-renowned architect Randall Stout and completed in 2010(Burtynsky & Crowston, 2011).The 8000 sq m structure ,of which 5000 sq m was retained from the previous building costed a total of $88 million to construct.The company’s responsible for the structural engineering of this project were DeSimone Consulting Engineers and BPTEC-DNW Engineering Ltd(Walker, 2011).In 2007 , the construction of the Art Gallery of Alberta faced some complications with cost escalation due to the exponential increase in the Alberta construction market as well as an increase in material costs and immense labour shortages.This prompted an increase of the cost estimate from $57million to $88million( Edmonton . City Manager,2007).Another problem which affected the construction process was the complex geometry of the AGA.This affected the creation of 3D models simulating the structural design due to the heavy loads and members which had to line up with each other exactly.(The Art Gallery of Alberta,n.d)The Art Gallery of Alberta located on the edge of Edmonton’s downtown Churchill Square, takes its artistic design from Edmonton’s unique northern climate along with the winding North Saskatchewan river and aurora borealisBurtynsky, E., & Crowston, C. (2011).The building is compiled of 800 tons of structural steel which is used in the framework of the structure, 90 % of which is comprised of recycled material.Building. (n.d.)

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