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IntroductionIn Matthew 6:10 Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The main theme of Bill Johnsons’ book, “When Heaven Invades Earth” is to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

He believes when Jesus healed the sick and freed the demonized the kingdom of God came upon the person and caused the world of darkness to flee. As a result, they were healed. In his book, Johnson invites all believers to live radical lives of obedience and to be open to experiencing God in new and different ways.Summary    Normal Christianity requires walking in the supernatural power of God. Therefore all believers should have an appetite for the supernatural. In order to live such a life, our mind has to be transformed. We need to repent for our mind to be renewed. Changing our way of thinking allows the kingdom of God to fill our conscious.

Instead of focusing on what we are lacking we begin to recognize Gods worthiness and ability. We then can ask God to do extraordinary things in our lives.Jesus came to the earth not only to save the lost but to give believers the gift of the holy spirit.

Jesus himself could not heal the sick, he healed people as a man empowered by God. Everything he did was spirit led. As followers of Christ, we need to imitate the life of Jesus by being spirit led. Johnson states believers can no longer just be content with what they know about the word of God. They must experience the power of God for themselves. Johnson calls out pastors and religious leader for relying too much on sound doctrine and not experience. He believes that God is willing to contradict our understanding of his word to show his power.Johnson also argues along with renewing our mind it is important to pray in order for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth.

Praying for the kingdom of heaven to invade will cause darkness to flee. As a result, God’s rule and order will reign in its place. When we pray, faith allows us to see into the supernatural realm. Interaction and Critique In Bill Johnsons’ book When Heaven Invades Earth, Johnson challenges readers to live a supernatural life. He believes that every believer should hunger for the supernatural power of God. When we pursue a supernatural life we bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. Where there is the light of God darkness can no longer exist. For example, he describes a situation when a fortune teller came to his town.

He did not say anything to her but instead began to pray for the kingdom of heaven to invade in place of darkness. “I began to declare, You don’t exist in heaven; you are not to exist here. This is my town. You are here illegally. I forbid you to establish roots here.

“(Johnson 64) The next morning the women left. The past couple of years I have struggled with a lot of fear and anxiety. Often when I go to sleep I experience night terrors. Truthfully most of the time I don’t even know that they happen until the next day because someone tells me. A few times I have been woken up by my dad or sister but all I could remember was that I was afraid and didn’t know why. As a result, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about going away to college and sleeping over other people houses.

After reading the book,When Heaven Invades Earth, I was challenged to pray for the kingdom of heaven to invade my room every night before I go to bed. Although Bill Johnson book challenged me to pray actively there were a few things in his book that I did not agree with.  For example, he does not believe that God allows sickness to build up character. Johnson states, ” When I have misconceptions about who He is and what He is like, my faith is restricted by those misconceptions. For example, if I believe that God allows sickness in order to build character, I’ll not have confidence praying in most situations where healing is needed.” (Johnson 47) However in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9 we see a different case.

Paul states, “Concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me.  And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.’  Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” Paul was a man of God. He ministered to many people and performed miracles in the name of Jesus.

However, he was in distress and so he asked God three times to remove his weakness. Yet God did not remove the thorn. Instead he said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strenth is made perfect in weakness.

” Could it be that he allowed the sickness to build Paul’s character and have him draw closer to himself? I believe God sometimes allows sickness to build up our faith and character.

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