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Introduction:Hypertension is an important public health problem in both economically developing and developed countries. It is one of the main risk factors for premature mortality.(1)According to American college of cardiology, blood pressure was categorized as normal, elevated, or stages 1 or 2 hypertension to prevent and treat high BP. Normal BP is defined as <120/<80 mm Hg; elevated BP 120-129/<80 mm Hg; hypertension stage 1 is 130-139 or 80-89 mm Hg, and hypertension stage 2 is ?140 or ?90 mm Hg. Prior to labeling a person with hypertension, it is important to use an average based on two or more than two readings obtained on two occasions to estimate the individual's level of blood pressure.(2)Hypertension is one of the important preventable causes of mortality and morbidity; it can cause hemorrhagic, chronic kidney disease, ischemic stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarction, cognitive decline and premature death.(3)If it is left without treatment, it will be associated with functional and structural abnormalities that damage the heart, kidneys, brain, and vasculature.(4) It is a serious disease, expensive to treat, and can lead to long-term morbidity and mortality, at the same time it is a silent disease, therefore  increasing public awareness is a key for prevention, early detection and treating it.(5)Obesity, sedentary life styles, diabetes, smoking and excessive salt and excessive alcohol consumption are environmental factors which have profound effects on the increasing prevalence of essential hypertension in both young and adults.(6)Because more than a quarter of the world adult population, nearly one billion, had hypertension (HT) in 2000 and that this proportion is expected to be increased to 29% (1.56 billion) by 2025(7), so reliable information about the prevalence of hypertension is essential to the development of national and local level health policies for prevention and control of hypertension.The aim of this study is contribute to the reduction of the prevalence of hypertension in Erbil city.

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