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 Introduction:Human Resources Management is a field that companies have started taking into consideration very recently. Earlier the HR models that were followed were not evolutionary in nature. The HR models have been neglected for a very long time and people didn’t think that alternative models could exist. The field of HR is evolving these days with new tactics and techniques.Some techniques that the HR managers follow today are:1. Performance Management Systems:Companies have started giving performance reports to it employees to improve their performance. The firms like SBI follow a monthly performance report system which makes it more likely for the employees to reach their desired or allotted targets.2. Stringent Hiring and Appraisal:The hiring system is becoming more stringent and the employees that enter the top firm have been filtered at different levels. The appraisal system that companies adapt is target based appraisal. The focus of appraisals is on quality.3. Job Rotation:This is a new concept where the employees of one department are shifted to another department. This helps the employees to be proficient with all the job aspects of the firm.4. Online Training Programs:Companies are offering online training programs with the use of modules and digital classrooms. Companies like Accenture have about 38,000 online courses.5. Diversity Management:Companies are supporting diversity and hence they are organizing sessions to sensitize the employees towards the LGBTQ group.6. Work life balance:A Mumbai based company Culture Machine became the first Indian company to give paid menstrual leave to all the female employees. Women are getting extended maternity leave and in some companies the male employees get paternity leaves. So that employees can balance their personal and professional life.7. Innovation Reward system:The innovative minds don’t always need monetary rewards. They should be allowed their space and flexibility so that they can work freely.8. Structured innovation review process:All ideas of the employees should be heard and reviewed and the good ideas and innovations should be budgeted. By this more and more employees will be motivated to do something good for the firm.9. Leadership Development Programs:A good leader takes the firm to a better position. Companies are developing leadership programs to build the quality of leadership in its employees.10. Technology enabled collaboration:Companies are able to get ideas from customers, outside sources and employees by the use of intranet forums. This helps the company deliver a better customer satisfaction.11. Recreational areas:It is scientifically proven that people work more creatively when they are in a comfortable environment. Companies like Google have introduced employee friendly infrastructure which lets the employees work while relaxing. Some companies have recreational areas for their employees so that the productivity is at the optimum level.12. Liberalism:Some companies do not have a hardcore dress code for its employees. This gives the employees a ‘feel at home’ environment.All of these practices are done for higher productivity and higher employee loyalty. This results in a lower attrition rate for the firm.Bibliography:

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