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Introduction:Different people have different, contrasting perspective of distinctive aspects. The Law gives us rules which prohibits us from doing something that seems morally acceptable and some people classify law with justice. With people having contradictory ideologies of identical laws, different races may potentially alter the results of the findings.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary ‘ not conforming to a high moral standard :morally wrong :not ethical illegal and unethical business practices ‘. Also, according to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of moral is ‘ Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour ‘. In my Extended Project Question, I will be looking at the ethnic background of people on their modern view on Islamic Law.As Islamic law and Sharia law have a fine line that differentiate them, they follow the same principles which are in line with the Muslim version of the Christian Bible called the Quran. Different countries around the world follow similar principles, this allows people to at an extent come to an agreement of what is considered ‘ right or wrong ‘.

Only in 2008, the UK government first recognised the first Sharia Law court however, some sources disagree with this as people recognised Sharia as councils or tribunals that follow the Sharia principles. When dealing with court that follow the Sharia Law principle, they are only usually used when dealing with religious cases. These Sharia Courts are also sometimes used for seeking advice for particular issues. For example, getting married in Islam does not have to be viewed according to the state however seen as married for religion. Cases such as marriage will be viewed later on when viewing topics such as Family Law.

Countries around the world are finding it more essential to have the opportunity to follow the Sharia Law as it creates a more globalised. As reported by Dave Cameron in 2011,  “multiculturalism has been a failure” this statement allows us to believe that people are opening up to the different cultures and becoming more accepting or showing a change to a different future.Around the world, Islam is portrayed as .. Islamic Family LawWhen applying for a divorce using Islamic Law, there is a specific procedure to do so. Nonetheless, Islamic Law has be revolutionising to become more modern to suit everyday culture. This relates to Sharia Law, as Islamic law has its fundamentals that cannot be altered however Sharia Law changes with time. The procedure in Islamic Law to divorce a partner is only offered to the male of the relationship as it is believed that males have primarily the right over the women.

For a divorce to happen, there must be consent from the male. Therefore if the request was made by the female then it would instantly get shut down. In order to request for a divorce, it is essential for the married couple to ask for an arbitration meeting, arranged by the elders of the married couple so the possibility of a reconciliation may be reached and an avoidance of a divorce. If the couple can not come to a conclusion that the couple can not possibly see themselves married together living harmoniously together than they may request for a divorce. To divorce, it can be done through either in a written or verbal agreement. In order to acquire a divorce, there has to be a minimum of two speculators to confirm the divorce.

Islamic Criminal LawCurrently, the fourth strictest country in the world is Saudi Arabia which is a confessional state as it follows a particular religion and hence follows the Sharia Law. This shows that once done wrong, consequences are extremely harsh. Different people have different opinions on viewing it, some people tend to reason with it and assume it is for the better. There are usually two extremes of seeing, being optimistic or pessimistic.

To an extent having such laws can be beneficial, as rules are there to protect people. Social norms were created for people to coordinate with each other, breaking some norms result in punishment.

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