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any parent about the challenges of raising a kid, and I think everyone will
point out that making him to eat healthy it’s probably the top on the list.
Other parents have kids that like to eat only chicken nuggets, pizza or pasta,
and definitely any other dish without vegetables.

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been a problem throughout any family when trying to make your kid eat healthy,
and maybe during school time it’s even more stressful, because you have to
prepare your kid launches that pack a healthy punch and they won’t trade it for
any Oreos and sugar snacks.

don’t stress out because we are going to give you some great advices, like

let your kids hooked by sweets, because these days sugar it’s packaged into all
foods. Before buying anything from supermarket make sure to read the labels and
avoid the foods will extra sugar. You cannot control everything that your child
eats, most likely when he is not home, but you can give him home a good and
healthy foundation. Do not plead or threaten your kids to eat healthy food,
because these tactics are not useful. You must not judge him, because he may
not love foods that you care for.

most important thing is to make the food interesting for your kid, and he might
get curious in tasting it. Get your kid with you when going to farmers market
or grocery stores, and having them help with the cooking process can be more
exciting and time investing for both of you. They are more inspired in eating
healthy when they are part of the meal preparation.

your kids more space to choose what they want as they grow up. Make sure that
you are not overcontrolling, over-lecturing and overeducating them, because
they might get rebel in this food arena.

of arguing every day about eating natural vegetables, slowly start adding them
into his fruit juices or smoothies, and he don’t even notice the change, and
over time you can add even more greens.

important thing about food it’s how you present if over the plate. The more
colors you provide, the more your eye will love the dish. You can play together
with your kid when preparing different dishes, and transform them into some
great looking ones.

the next following 25 recipes we are trying to inspire you and your little kids
to cook these amazing dishes. They vary a lot one from each other, and this
will be challenging for both of you, but more important, it will get so fun and


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