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Check UP from the neck UP is a coffee shop that aims to connect with today’s society. By being trendy regarding product, service, and environment. From research, coffee shops are forgettable and straightforward. They still have success because of the hunger we have for caffeine. It’s well researched that young people seek unique and innovative establishments to bring their business.  Especially in the tech era, information can be accessed, and ideas can be shared. Topics that had negative stereotypes attached and not taken seriously are  the focus of everything. In this market, a business that’s creative and contributes to social issues will have the exposure and success.

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Our goal is to create a relaxed environment, promote mental health and offer first-class products. Mental health is a serious topic and difficult to discuss. As the extensive research this issue is problematic to large part of the population. The stigma attached has evaporated because its wild presented in pop culture and education. It is also undisputed that we live in hectic times. As result stress levels are very high.  Hectic work life, school life and so much information bombarded on us. A business that’s different and offers escape from reality would be a success.




Executive Summary

Check UP from the neck UP aims to revolutionise how people preserve coffee shops. We want to challenge the archaic status quo that coffee establishments should be dark, dull and unimaginative. By providing vibrant, refreshing and relaxed environment to escape from reality.


The business will be located between Redmond’s hill and Angier street. Strategically placing us near colleges and companies. This proximity allows reaching our target group,  engage in issues we want to tackle and create a loyal customer base. The heart of the pitch is being unique and contributing to society. We want to differentiate ourselves from the competition entirely. Tacking advantage of areas neglected by rivals and being innovative.

Check Up from the neck Up will be providing first-grade service, coffee and tackling social issues.  We want to solve the stress and mental health-related problems in the environment we conjure.  We want to design a colorful and imaginative place such as  an Ice cream shop. The current coffee shops are dull, Ice cream shops look exciting and almost from a parallel universe. As a result, theirs instant warmth and beam arising from people’s faces. We also want to provide soundproof rooms or phone booth where people can escape from reality and distress.

We also want to provide outstanding service. It is widely established that people make decisions on how they feel. When consumers describe their last excellent service experience, they refer to their local shops. There’s care, friendliness, and relationship in the service. It is critical for this business to recreate that to much larger scale.

Coffee helps us  stay up late and stay late into the night. Coffee helps us to relax, distress and enjoy a good conversation. authentic quality coffee beans such as Yiracheffe Beans


A study after study has revealed the constant hunger and demand for caffeine. “Coffee has been a growing phenomenon among Irish consumers in recent years with 75% of Irish consumers stating they drink coffee, and seven in ten drinking more than one cup a day”. From our primary research, the information is very much similar.  A small coffee shop situated in the unpopulated streets gets 600-700 customers a day. The market is significantly huge because theirs such demand from the Irish consumers.

Check UP from the neck UP will be catering to 18-40-year-olds. This group is spending time and money in coffee establishments. From catching up with work, friends or just WI-FI. The Location allows us to bring our customer base. We are surrounded by four different colleges and numerous businesses. while coffee increases in popularity, consumers are becoming more precise about their coffee with the coffee blend, espresso shot and even the type of milk used all significant factors in deciding what coffee to order. They are always connected to phones and have so much information. They look for something fresh and different. They will fully understand the business



Product and Service Description

The design and atmosphere will personify the business. This will distinguish us from the competition. First impressions are highly valuable. We want to capture the attention, the heart and imagination of people.  For instance, ice cream shops are very bright and colourful. As a result, there is an immediate smile on people’s faces. We want to recreate that environment in our business. From the research we gathered atmosphere is not a priority for coffee shops. Although Studies have shown context is essential as the service and product. It’s still hugely neglected. We hope to capitalize on this matter and differentiate ourselves from the competition. The image on the right illustrates the business we want to establish. It’s different, relaxed and welcoming. The other picture demonstrates the regular coffee shop. It’s dark and dreary and unimaginative. These businesses are very successful and generate profit. With that said it’s important to clarify they are successful not because of product or service but demand for caffeine.


Check up from the neck up will offer relaxed mood and escape from reality. It’s undisputed that today’s world is hectic and fast moving. As result stress and mental health problems hugely effect the population. We want to tackle these issues. We don’t want to make light of the difficulties and be insensitive or come across preachy. We will showcase alternative and trendy ways that attack the problems. The bright and colorful environment opposed to the dull atmosphere that’s on offer is the first step. The second level is contemporary soundproof rooms or soundproof phone booths. What these aims to accomplish is escape from reality. All most a portal to another planet because these places will be designed to bring comfort. Inside people can play music, videos or just scream out their anger. What this arrangement entails is that a moment of peace in a hectic city. We also want people to kick it, chill and enjoy their time in the establishment. By providing relaxed and comfortable seating areas. They will also be designed in such way that people can work, talk or just sit in peace.  These rooms exist in places such Egypt and Turkey. They have been very popular amongst locals. Especially in young people who have seen the benefits. Regarding business, it has been rewarding. We firmly believe the combinations of these two business’s  profitable and also tackling these issues.

Check up from the neck up will be providing a wide range of products of the highest order. Whole bean and ground coffee for our hot beverages and fresh fruit for our smoothies. As well as healthy and fresh baked goods. Information is readily available. They want different, quality and robust.  Recent studies revealed Coffee from the favorite chain stores such as Starbucks is unhealthy. It’s no surprise there has been an increase in people avoiding them for smaller establishments. The products are made with artificial sweeteners and creams. We want to cater to a broader population so will have as many options as possible.


Service is as important as the product. We want to satisfy our consumers in all aspect of the business. It’s essential that we have friendly and qualified employees. Consumers will do business in establishments that have excellent service. with a product that might be inferior. We want our employees to be confident and welcoming.




Market Assessment

The economic impact of the coffee industry is significant to growth and job creation worldwide. The US is the largest consumer of coffee. Academic studies revealed the public spent 74.5 billion on coffee in 2015.Similar studies have been carried out in Ireland. They show same results when population difference is factored. The most striking figure stated 75% of Irelands consumers drink coffee. Its very colossal market with potential growth. The demand means competitions is not as fierce. 

Our primary market assessment is to construct un-identical set up that provides high-quality service and products. We want a brand that’s innovative, fair trade and environmental. If we implement these in the right way, we hope to create a consumer base that is loyal and hungry.

It’s very important that the business is environmentally friendly. We take steps to contribute to the environment. Such as using recyclable coffee cubs. We fully understand that there will still be a significant amount of waste. As a result, we will encourage people to use real mugs inside the establishment. Another crucial thing to note is Power consumption. A huge contributor to environmental damage. Minimizing that is very much helpful to the business and to the more substantial cause. Installing green features would cut the cost and save power. The holy grail is using spent grounds. This method as well as keeping cost and the environment. It can also be a source of income. The spent ground can be used various things such as compost, fabric-dye, air-freshener and list goes on.

As well as being environmentally friendly, we hope to be a fair trade. It’s imperative that our coffee is a fair trade because of the theme of the business. The largest coffee chain is Starbucks. Only 8.5 percent of their coffee is Fairtrade. Portion of the population are choosing fair trade establishments.  This makes no significance or hurts their profit. For a small coffee shop its vital that we attract and cater to the population.




We intend to supply the mainstream coffee orders and as well as gathering unique and different types around the world. Uniqueness is an integral part of this business. Its very well documented that we are living in a world where people are looking for the next thing. We have access to, so much information and travelling is much easier therefore we are exposed to a lot more. Dublin is a multicultural city and attracting different people is crucial to the survival of the business. We also want to depict an image of inclusivity.



Competitive Analysis

There are massive competitors who have huge hold in the market. The names that quickly arise are Starbucks and Insomnia. Large multinational companies with an abundant resource. They can brand and market their products across different advertisement channels and therefore have the greater influence on consumers. Thus, allowing them to be very successful coffee chains. In the current market, Starbucks is the most profitable coffee chain. They have exponentially increased in growth with different marketing strategies. A significant rise in the stores opened, and figures spend on advertising. At the start of the decade, Starbucks spent 94.4 million in an advertisement. In the US they have surpassed expectations and became the third most popular restaurants/coffee. Accumulating a profit of 9.07 billion US dollars. In Dublin alone, they have 51 stores.        

Although they are competition, they are not direct challengers. There is number of small established coffee shops across Dublin and the Country. Family owned business with simple setups. We aim to challenge these coffee shops . From our perspective, they are dull and forgettable.  All similar in the setup, service, product and quality. Apart from the few regulars, majority of consumers bring their business because it’s convenient. 

The addiction for caffeine allows these small establishments to price their coffee nearly the same rate as the leading coffee chains. As mentioned there’s nothing exciting or different. Check UP from the neck up will provide quality products with an atmosphere unlike anything in our radius. With reasonable prices that appeal to the psyche of the human mind, instantly recognizing as a product of quality and at the same time affordable. Many of these small shops are considerably over priced for what they offer. It’s very advantageous for our business. The vibrant and colorful atmosphere that check Up from the Up will establish is non-existent. The fact that most off these business’s primary goals are profit and no consideration to customers is another great advantage for us. From research, there is no other coffee shop with our theme in the country. Addressing the things neglected in their business, improving on their strongest qualities and bringing our original ideas will establish our brand as one of the leading coffee shops in the Dublin region.



Regulatory and IP Issues


Some rules and regulations that we must comply. As food service, we must satisfy the health code. Meaning products are safe for human consumption. Violating the health codes could result in hefty fines or total shut down. The business most also registers and get certification from various departments.

Trademarking the business is essential and putting industrial design thus allowing the business to sustain individuality.

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