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          As a
language teacher, it is really needed to develop the approaches and methods
which we use in teaching the students. The students not only need the material
and attention from the teacher, but also some refreshments that make them can
enjoy the classroom activity. A good teacher will always try to attract and
give memorable experiences for their students that make the students feel
comfort, fun and happy to join the class.

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          A teacher
must be able to know the students’ condition, so the teacher can use the right
strategy and technique that make the students become actively involved in the class activity.
Teacher also have to make sure that the students are get interest and enthusiasm
to follow what teacher’s plan. To answer those challenge, in this paper the
writer will deliver a strategy that will cover the students’ needs, the
strategy is called The Question Cube.


skill is the important element in learning foreign language, especially for
academic skills (Anderson, 1995). The importance of
Reading skill make the method of teaching reading also really crucial, because
it has to make the students really understand and get in touch with the text. Using The Question Cube the teacher will be easier in teaching
reading skill. Through this strategy the students will not only read the text
that some time make them feel bored and sleepy , but they will get a challenge to
make question based on the text that will attract them to continue reading the
text, so they can finish the challenge well. This strategy also can be like a
fun game that refresh the students’ mind after studying many texts . Beside for
reading skill, this strategy also will develop students’ speaking skill,
because they have to read the question which they made and answer question
orally, so it increase their speaking skill indirectly.


Review of Related

Many language learners need good reading
skill in English and
reading has always  been an important point of language teaching programms (Richards, 2015). It means
that the use of reading skill is also crucial in learning language, it can be
corellated with communication because in reading reading we learn how to
understand meaning. (Richards, 2015) also has stated that
Second language learners may need reading skills in English for similar purposes i.e. to enable them
to participate in activities related to work, the community, daily life, and
particularly, education.


(Alptekin, 2006) defined reading as “an interaction of the
readers’ text-based and knowledge based processes. In processing texts, readers
combine literal comprehension, based on higher level cognitive processes of
reading such as lexical access and syntactic parsing , with referential
comprehension based on higher-level cognitive processes such as the text based
of comprehension (to understand what the text says) and the transition model of
interpretation (to understand what it is about). It can be
defined that reading is an cognitive process which is involving many language
aspects. The involvement of some language aspect also make the teacher have to
focus in all aspect in assessing reading skill. In assessing reading ability, it cannot be
stopped in the measurement of comprehension.
Strategic pathways to full understanding are often crucial factors to include in assessing learners,
especially in the case of most classroom assessment which is still using fromative asssessment (Brown, 2003)



Teachers are challenged to use many types of teaching strategies to show the different learning styles of their students. Auditory learners
prefer hearing material out loud via verbal instruction. Visual learners enjoy
methods of learning which use pictures, flashcards,
video and observation (Dicarlo & Lujan, 2006).  (Amburgh, Devlin, Kirwin, &
Qualters, 2007)
stated that the concept of student engagement is
becoming more than just educational rhetoric. Active-learning techniques have
emerged as strategies for instructors to promote engagement with both
discipline material and learning. Active learning become really popular because it acn fulfill all of the
students’ needs it can be revealed by relate it the theory of  (Dale, 1969) who said that people learn 10% of
what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what is demonstrated, but 90%
when what is said and done is combined. In
active learning, it has covered all the technique that stated by Dale which
mean that active learning is effective to be used.


Corellating active learning with
teaching reading, it is really effective to make students not only read the
text, but also to make them can apply what they read in classroom activity. Teacher
can make the class become active learning by asking some questions or play a
game. Questioning is a useful while-reading
activity, it can involve the teacher posting as the students read the text (Richards,
2015). Play a game means that teacher have made the studens is actively involved
in the class.  If the visual,
sound, team work and
competition are worked well to hold student
attention and engage them in the teachin-learning
process (Boctor, 2013)



Definition of the

question cube is a strategy which can be implemented in teaching reading, but
it also indirectly develop students’ speaking skill.  The strategy is using a cube or dice which
has six sides, each side will be typed six question words which are What, when,
where, who, why, and how. Each student will get chance to play the dice to
determine the quetion word which will be used as their question. Students also
get a challenge to answer the questions which also determined by playing the
dice. By using this strategy, the teacher can assess how well the students
understand the material, not only from how the answer the questions, but also
from the question that they made which is harder because they have to make it
based on the question word they got.



          T            he question cube can cover two
skills which are reading and speaking skills, so it makes teacher easy to
assess the students.

1. Reading skill

strategy can be implemented in all kind of text, because this strategy can be
used as the closing or post activity of a class. Int main or while activity,
the students will be given some texts that they read and learn. Then, in the
post activity this strategy can be used to review how well they master and
understand the texts. In reviewing the material, it also a little bit different
with the common strategy which only give question and the students answer it.
Through this strategy, the students are challenged to make question which the
question is not made freely but they have to make it based on the question word
that they get when they are playing the cube. Moreover the students still have
to answer the question which also be determined by playing the cubes, so in
this strategy the students are really challenged and teacher can easily assess
how is the student performance in learning the text.


2. Speaking Skill

speaking skill is used when the students answer the question, because it is
correlated with reading skill, so the answer will be longer than usually that
makes the teacher can assess how well the students’ speaking skill is. Teacher
may corect and give suggestion if the students make a mistake in pronuncing
some words, so it will make the students will have an improvement in speaking
skill too, not only in reading.


Objective of the

       This strategy has several
objectives as follows:

To check students’ understanding and
comprehension of a text or subject matter.

To make the students actively involved in the class

To assist the students in developing their reading skill especially how they
understand the material or text given by asking them to make a question.

To make fun learning

To motivate students if learning language is not difficult.


Steps of the


First, brainstorm some materials that have been

Share colourful cards for each students

Teacher walk around the classroom to give chance to each student to toss the cubes which contains
question words (5W+1H) to be used as their question.

Students who have tossed the cube have to make one
question based on the question words that they get and write it into the card

Submit their cards which has contained question.

Ask the students to make to two lines, where they will
get the question and directly answer it orally.

The teacher toss the cubes to determine the question
word that have to be answered by the students, if the students are lucky, they
will get their own question.

From the question and the answer to the question,
teacher can assess the students understanding of the materials.

This game simply has recovered the review of the
material or text which has been learned by the students


If there is a big class, it can be played in teams or

After all member of each group has made the questions
based on their question words that they got after playing the Cubes, they
submit it to the teacher.

Ask one representatives to toss the cubes, and make it
as competition.

The teacher read the question based on the cubes,  each team competes for each other. The other
member of group have to help their group representative to answer the question

 They have to
raise their hands before answering the question, every correct answer will get
one point for their teams.


Advantages and
Disadvantages of the Strategy

Advantages of the strategy:

1.   Train the students in making a question.

2.   Make
the students more fun in learning because they will play a game but it also has
covered up the materials

3.   Make
teacher become easier in review and measure the students’ understanding of the

4.   It can cover two skills which are Reading and Speaking


Disadvantages of the Strategy:

1.   It needs a long time to apply

2.   The class will become noisy, so it needs more
focus for teacher to controll the class.

3.   When the students are playing game or
answering the question, teacher will focus on them who are playing the game, so
the other students will not be controlled.

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