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1.1    Introduction

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project is about to design the sports news website exclusively for the sports
event in COMSATS ATTOCK  campus. This
website is a platform where students and the faculty can stay in knowledge with
the scores of each game being played in the campus.  The uniqueness of our project is that each
department statistics will be there along with overall situation of the games.

In our project, there will
be an admin which will continuously update the scores on the website. The site
features are home, live scores, departments, matches, news, photos, videos and

It includes the live update of the
scores. This will help the faculty and students of all the departments to stay
in knowledge with actual stats.

With the help of an admin, scores
will be update continuously.

1.2    Objectives

The main
objective of this project is to provide a platform where faculty and students
of all the departments can see the games in which held the COMSATS ATTOCK

To provide
a setup to university students, professors and management team of the sports
event where they can easily search the current scores, result and updates of
the sports statistics.

objective is to maintain the current and previous record of all the sports
event of the COMSATS ATTOCK campus. 

1.3    Problem

Throughout the
years, there has been made an arrangements for the sports events in the COMSATS
ATTOCK campus. The main event is “Sports week” which is held  every semester. This is the main event in
which students take part in the games and sports. These games and sports
“VOLLYBALL”. The problem is that the record in the sports week is taken in
written form. There is no online official website or setup to upload those
records and where students and faculty can search for the live scores.

1.4    Proposed

The solution of this problem is that there should be an official sports
website where all the scores of the sports event should be there. So we came up
with this idea that why not we should develop a site where it is all about
sports. The site we are going to develop will have friendly user interface. It
will fill the entire requirement and solve the problem as it will provide a
platform where the students and professors can stay in knowledge with scores










2     Chapter

Literature Review


2.1    Research
on Existing Websites

We initialize our project
by doing research on the current websites which are currently using for the
universities. Here is one of them examples which is discussed below.

2.1.1       University
of Cambridge

This website is exclusively for the
sports and sports event in Cambridge University. In this website each and every
detail is there of the students, teams and clubs. This website’s home includes
Events, news, about us, Gym membership, student sport, facilities and get
involved. It provides its visitors to search and go to the requested links
quickly. It allows the students and faculty to register them in the club, Gym
or the team.

the sports site

Here is the interface of
the website when we will surf the site of university of Cambridge.

?2.1              User
Interface of Sports Site






the student or a teacher wants the membership in the Club or Gym then he/she
will fill the requirements that may need to register himself then webpage will automatically
send notifications to the user’s mail. This mail will be the notification of
confirmation of registration.

2.2    Sports Event in Comsats Attock

Our system has a unique feature that it can be
implemented commercially having great efficiency and low cost in compare with
other systems. Our website will also include home, live scores, departments,
matches, news, photos, videos and statistics. Each department fixtures and
result will be there on the web.


2.2.1       Things
to initialize our project Sports
Event in Comsats Attock

initialization of our project starts with the study of few web pages which were
based on information of sports which are being play in COMSATS ATTOCK campus. Our
project is similar to the web page which is discussed above. Our project is for
our institute which is as same as the web page is for university of Cambridge. We
start our project with the help of adobe dream viewer.

the help of it we start working on our project through coding. Hyper textmark
up language (Html) coding is done in our project. First of all we did
programming for the main page which contains our user interface. That interface
includes “home”, “live score”, “matches”, “photo”, “video” and “stats”.




                                                Figure ?2.2        main source code

main source code simplifies the structure and user interface of the webpage. Navigation
bar is build with the help of programming. 
The categories of this bar are the same just like some of the famous
sport web pages.

next step is the addition of the photographs. Pictorial representation of the
sports and the players is there in the index. The players  are playing in different games and events
which are being held in the COMSATS ATTOCK campus are described in the photos.
These photos contain information of the events and sports.

                                                Figure ?2.3        Index code


2.2.2       Comparison

The website that
we are going to develop is different with others in aspect that it is
exclusively for the sports news at campus level.  It will upload the data of the games only for
the Attock campus. It will not only tell us about sports and games but will
provide us information about the events which may hold in the institute or
being held in the COMSATS ATTOCK campus. Our project covers  every games which playing in the sports event








3     Chapter







3.1    Requirements

specification is a description of a system which is to be developed lying out       functional and non-functional
requirements .The major requirements for webpage are categories into functional
and non-functional requirements.

3.1.1       Functional

Functional requirements are
the actual entities which are required to meet the user’s         expectations from the system. It means
that system should function as same as it is programmed to do so.

Live Score

In this live score of all the games
like                       cricket,football,vollyball,basketball,tabletennis
and bedminton is show to the user and this is the main functionality of our

Match Schedule

this user see the  schedule of all the
upcoming matches which is held in the sports event in the comsats attock.  


this show the records of all the matches and also show the records of
individuals players of all the games.


3.1.2       Non-Functional


 It is the requirement
which we need as non-functional requirement. It is very reliable for the user.Interface
of the web is very useful for the user.Its can not too much load to open any
functionality like live score,match schedule etc.


Requirements for anything
software related typically state that it be secure. Security is the  most need that we require for our project.Because
it is the main medium through which need the user and admin in any project.Our
project is very secure.In this only admin can enter and delete the record.


3.2    Hardware
and software specifications:

3.2.1       Hardware

PC Laptop

3.2.2       Software

HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)



J query

My Sql

















4     Chapter

Project Design



4.1    Project

Project design describes that how the project logic involves
to link the resources and actions required to implement the project activities
to their direct outputs and their eventual contribution to the overall project

4.2    Methodology

In our project we use dream
viewer software for coding for the webpage. With the help of it we start
working on our project through coding. Hyper text mark up language (Html)
coding is done in our project. First of all we did programming for the main
page which contains our user interface. That interface includes “home”, “live
score”, “matches”, “photo”, “video” and “stats”.

                                                Figure ?4.1        software
to develop webpage

4.3 Er Diagram:








Architecture overview

4.4.1   Use case

Use Case Admin:





4.5.1 Admin Activity


4.5.2 User Activity Diagram:










4.6.1 Sequence
diagram  for Admin:

4.6.2 Sequence Diagram for User:












4.7  DFD


Level 1:








4.8 Design description

                 4.8.1 Web Interface:



                                                Figure ?4.4        Web Interface





















5     Chapter










5.1    Implementation

We have developed the webpage for
the purpose for preventing the student and faculty from anxiety if they don’t
know any sport’s statistics or any information about sport event in the
institute. To provide the information to the visitors about on-going sports
event and sport’s statistics, we developed the webpage for this purpose in
several stages and according to the campus and user requirements. These stages
of development are as follows.

5.2    Development

5.2.1       Designing
web interface

mark-up language (Html) coding is done in our project. First of all we did
programming for the main page which contains our user interface.

?5.1          Main page


5.2.2       Live

the live score button, the coding we have done is shown in the above figure. In
this part it is designed that how the admin will update the information.


                                                Figure ?5.2        coding
for Live score

live score button contains the matches information that are being play and
which are recently completed. The scorecard of the matches will be updated
through admin. Each and every single match of each game will be there in live
score button to provide information of the matches to the visitors.

matches of football, cricket, badminton, volleyball and table tennis which may
completed on that day will be considered and concluded as recently live matches
and hence will be shown there on the web page along with the live matches.

5.2.3       Matches

In matches
section, the matches which are scheduled on specific dates are there. The
inter-departmental matches in different games are shown there to let visitor
know with the kind of information he/she want to get. The schedule is shown
that on which days which match will start.

                                                Figure ?5.3        coding
for matches schedule


 cricket match ;           Football

Mgt Sci. vs Comp Sci.             ;           comp sci. vs elec shocks

01:30 PM      ;           04:00

5.2.4       Video

                                                            Figure ?5.4        coding
for video

above figure is all about the coding of video clips of the matches and events
that may hold in the campus. In this coding each game is categorized with the
name and description. These video clips are just the graphics about the actual
moments of the game and event that are being play in the campus.


5.2.5       Statistics

button describes the actual standing, ranking, scores and points  . It provides the information of the
individuals players of each game. In football game a player stats will be
his/her goals, assists and ranking.

 Cricket player stats will be
that how many man of the match awards that player has won. How many runs he/she
has scored? What is his/her standings? Similarly the player of volleyball stats
will be his/her points and serves.


                                                Figure ?5.5        statistics






5.2.6       User



Figure ?5.6         user interface


?5.7        user interface












Figure ?5.8            user interface












6     Chapter

















6.1   Testing

Test plan outline the strategies
that will be used to test our project. Testing is very important in which it is
tested that whether the proposed system is working properly or not. Testing is
done because of the fact that to verify the project is fulfil the user
requirements or not. We have tested our project time to time and fortunately
succeed in developing our project without facing any problem.

6.1.1 Unit Testing

It is testing technique using
which individual modules are treated to determine if there are any issue by the
developer himself. Each component which is involved in our project is tested
while being developed to verify that is being developed according to the user
specification and requirements. The testing is done by every parts of project.
The main components of our project are to show the live score of every game
which is played in the sports week in COMSATS ATTOCK campus.

6.1.2 Function Testing

After integrating the system,
testing was done on every task to verify whether the function work properly or


Test case name





Log in

Admin log in

Admin log in



Admin Update Record

Record Update

Record Update



Live Score


Score Show




User See the Schedule

User See the Schedule




6.2 Objective

The objective of testing was
to make sure that all the components are function properly and are working
according to requirements and to make sure that we must bid flawless system
otherwise user will not come across any error while using the system.

6.3 Function to be tested

The function which were tested

Admin Log in

Live scoring






















7     Chapter

& Future Work














have successfully completed our project with the help of using HTML, PHP, MYSQL
and CSS as explained above. At the end we successfully controlled the data
upload and update. This project can be easily modified. The matches of football,
cricket, badminton, volleyball and table tennis which may completed on that day
will be considered and concluded as recently live matches and hence will be
shown there on the web page along with the live matches.



In future if we work on
this project than there could be improvement possible. There are few ideas in
future where this project could be used.

in Universities

In future our web site
can be used in various universities for sharing any information or notification
with students. All they have to do is the change the name of institute in the

in Organization/institute

In Future this project
can be deployed in any organization/institute. Any organizations want to deploy
this project in the company or institute ; they have a nice opportunity to
avail it. Because it not costly. It is much more reliable.


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