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Introduction:Modernisation and lifestyle modifications have bombarded human lifewith multiple lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, some type ofcancers, asthma, osteoporosis etc. which exist lifelong. On a long run onedisease may precipitate other disease/s leading to co-existence of severaldiseases simultaneously. Such existence of multiple disorders/diseases demandsthe use of more than one drug concomitantly known as polypharmacy /therapeutic jungle / multidrug therapy.  Whenever two or more drugs are administeredconcurrently, likelihood of one drug influencing the therapeutic effects of theother drug increases which is known as drug interaction/s. Adverse drug reactions (ADR) or a therapeuticfailure of drugs can be prevented, when clinicallysignificant drug–drug interactions (DDIs) data are documented on a timely basisand managed appropriately.Methodology:Drug interactions can be categorized as either pharmaco-dynamic orpharmacokinetic interactions.

Pharmaco-dynamic interactions are due to theinfluence of one drug on the pharmacological effect of concomitantly useddrugs, which may lead to antagonistic, additive, synergistic or potentiation oftheir effects. Pharmacokinetic interactions are the one due to intervention ofone drug on the absorption, distribution (i.e. distribution in tissue or bindingto protein or exhaustion from depot), metabolism (induction or inhibition ofmetabolizing enzymes), or excretion (competition for active renal secretion) ofthe co-administered drugs in case of comorbid disease conditions.Results:The intricacy of the dosage regimenincreases, As the number of concomitantly administered medications increases asa result of which the tendency of interaction becomes high. Prevalence ofinteraction also depends on other variables like adherence of the subject tothe medication, nutritional status, compromised renal and hepatic functioning,addictions, genetics etc.

Additionally, some patientsmay exhibit a specific type of drug interaction, while others with the samedrug combination may not. In addition to interaction between concomitantly usedallopathic drugs; there are reports that drugs may interact with herbs/herbalproducts when they are concomitantly used. 

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