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Introduction            The importance of Digital information system (IT) in this generation is paramount as it has major influences in human activities. Organizations uses IT system to perform a diverse task, from processing transaction to interacting with customers, or even creating a projected annual budget. IT systems also act as a double-edged blade, it can solve or ease several issues while generating another problem. However, there are companies and organizations which used IT to lure customers and use IT system to allow a better experience for their clients. An example will be Scoot and Singapore Airlines (SIA), airlines part of the Singapore Airlines Group (SAG). Scoot was established by (SIA) as a low-cost carrier that was intended for medium-haul routes (Haridasani, 2011).

The purpose of establishing a budget airline is for SIA to target a larger variety of customer with different financial income (Smit & Dula, 2014), opening more income flow. Scoot rose to popularity by using social media such as Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness, by the time Scoot had its maiden flight, it had already gathered a substantial amount of “followers” in social media, in other words, potential prospect. SIA is the main stake holder in Singapore’s aviation industry, they created a points and membership system, KrisFlyers, to establish Brand loyalty with the customer. Customer can collect points to purchase or collect incentives from SIA.  Strategies adopted by Singapore Airlines and ScootSocial Media  Scoot relied on Facebook not only to advertise their brand but also to provide the community the opportunity a two-way communication system.

Many organization fails since they are unable to meet the demand or expectation of the community. Therefore, Scoot used their Facebook page to gather feedbacks from potential customers and to showcase their affordable flight fares. This allows customers to feel appreciated and heard, therefore creating customer loyalty and satisfaction. In comparison to SIA, Scoot uses Facebook to engage customer while SIA uses it as a static advertisement platform. Loyalty Points            KrisFlyer is a loyalty program that provides customer with numerous benefits, this attracts passenger to continue patronizing SIA. As Scoot is part of SAG, flying with Scoot also grants KrisFlyers points.

The perks of the program are when the passenger fly, they are awarded points to purchase flight, upgrade the seats and gain access to lounges in airports. In addition, acquiring the point is not limited to just flying. SIA formed a partnership with Grab, South-East Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, to convert points acquired by using grab into KrisFlyer points. This allow customers to not only gain points by flying, but also by using everyday transport such as taxis.

Lastly, SIA have also incorporated Krisflyer program into credit cards. Hence, when customer spend via Credit cards, they are also awarded points (DBS Singapore, 2017), leading to a good brand loyalty. In-Flight Entertainment System/ In-Flight connectivity            Another IT strategy used by Scoot and SIA is the advancement of technology on board their flight. Both SIA and Scoot provides customer with the opportunity to stay connected on board their flight by Wi-Fi. This allows passengers to stay connected to their love ones, or for business usage. However, there are limitations on in-flight Wi-Fi, since it provides an average speed like one’s smartphone, to make matter worst, imagine sharing it with the entire passenger of the airplane (Gilbert, 2016).

But, it still does provide connectivity and an opportunity to stay connected. Although Scoot does not provide an in-flight entertainment system, they do provide passengers with an application which can be downloaded onto your mobile devices, ScooTV allowing passenger to access over 100 movies and TV on board their flight (Scoot,n.d.

). In SIA’s case their in-flight entertainment provides passengers with not only movies, but music, video games and language learning tools, an immersive in-flight entertainment system (Miranda, 2009). With all these technological innovations being implemented within the aircraft, it ensures that customers not only stay loyal, but also to acquire new patrons.

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