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Human Resource Management plays a vital
role in the corporate world. The term “Human Resource” is defined as people.
Therefore, According to Susan Heathfield, he defined HRM is “The process inside
an Organization that focuses on the recruitment, administration, and giving guidance
or direction for the people who work in an Organization.” (Heathfield, 2017) As
an effective and efficient Organization it should be able to balance HRM needs
and to explain the relationship between people, Organization performance and
productivity. (Nel, 2017) Numerous HR offices are in charge of Organization
improvement that creates the culture of the Organization and are responsible to
guarantee that their Organization properly constructs groups and encourages
worker strengthening. (Heathfield, 2017)

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Recruitment, Selection and Diversity are
three major functions in the HRM process and these topics are discussed broadly
in Organizations. These are basically a few of the many words and expressions
that we hear in some parts of the Organization, Identifying and choosing a
person to carry out work in an organization and the greater part of the terms
applies, and that is on the grounds that they are a piece of one comprehensive
process in HRM. (Martin, 2016) Recruitment and Selection are the most basic and
the most important HR functions where the organization should have the best
accessible employees to develop and prosper in the market. (Raghavendra, 2017)
According to Martin he defined Recruitment as “The process of finding and
hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a convenient
and cost effective way.” (Martin, 2016) Selection is referred to as “The
process of interviewing and assessing the candidate for a particular occupation
and choosing a person for business in view of specific criteria such as
knowledge, skills and abilities.(“Employee Selection | Human Resource
Management”, 2017) Finally diversity is known as how employees
interact and relate to each other inside the Organization.

Company that has been taken into consideration is Holborn Assets which is based
is UAE. Holborn Assets is a Company involved in research & Development and
also spends significant time in Personal and Corporate Wealth Management,
offering a full scope of money related answers for addressing the issues of the
International market. This Company is having issues recruiting employees from
the Domestic market. Therefore, the Company should have suitable recruitment
methods to recruit highly skilled employees for an experienced Digital
Researcher and System Administrator. The selection criteria for these job positions
require a minimum of 4 years of job experience, a professional male candidate
and age should be more than 25 years. The reason and the motivation that lead
the author to present a report is because the lack of highly skilled labor in
the Domestic market.




Holborn Assets is a Company involved
with high technology on Research & Development. Therefore, the Company CEO
is seeking a highly skilled and professional Digital Researcher and a System
Administrator which cannot be found in the Domestic market. Holborn Assets is a
Company based in UAE and has several other Departments located in various other
countries. Therefore, the CEO is seeking a highly professional and experienced
employee for this job position. A Digital Researcher is known as the person who
will be utilizing the digital technology such as internet and World Wide Web to
do various researches. A System Administrator is also a person who will be
responsible for various IT systems in the Company that supports the systems.
The main reason the author wanted to present this report is due to lack of
professional employees in the domestic market and he believes that global
recruitment will be much essential. 

One of the main reasons, highly skilled
labor cannot be found in the Domestic market is because with the advances in
communication and development of products made conceivable by the Internet and
by present day logistics, even private companies can have a worldwide segment
to what they do. (“The Importance of Global Recruitment
Strategies”, 2018) Access to quality ability, which makes global recruitment knowledge so
basic, discovering talent globally is a difficult task without the best
possible information or Organization set up. (“The
Importance of International Recruiting”, 2017)
Whether you’re
bringing in overseas laborers or staffing workplaces abroad, a global
recruitment system can use the world’s ability to send benefit back home to you
and the Organization. (“The Importance of Global Recruitment
Strategies”, 2018)

Regardless of the difficulties, organizations can get a
one-up on their opposition or competition if they set aside the opportunity to
study the global market and also by looking for professional and talented
employees abroad it gives benefits when working with an in-nation business
partner to get all the data you can about the accompanying thing such as
culture, nearby market conditions, time zones, advantages and bonus desires,
best business practices, etc. (“The Importance of International
Recruiting”, 2017) While independent business will not require the amount
of ability that some large organizations require, outside the business sector
have diverse sorts of work with exceptional ranges of abilities and many
global  markets are turning out managers,
engineers, and other gifted specialists at a speedier rate making it less
demanding to discover ability from the domestic market. (“The Importance of
Global Recruitment Strategies”, 2018)







As mentioned in the Introduction
recruitment is identifying the best qualified candidate out of a pool of
candidates. It is one entire process, with a full life cycle, that starts with
identification of the necessities of the organization as for the activity, and
finishes with the acquaintance of the employee with the organization. (Martin,
2016) The principle objective of the recruitment and selection process is tied
in with finding the best recruitment sources, procuring the best abilities from
the labor market and keeping the organization focused at work. (“Recruitment
and Selection – HRM Guide”, n.d.)

(Refer Annexure 1 for the Recruitment & Selection

There are many reasons behind why the recruitment process is
executed is to discover the people who are best fit for the positions inside
the organization, who will help them towards achieving hierarchical objectives.
(Martin, 2016) Therefore, the recruitment process defers from the kind of
methods the organization uses to recruit the desired candidate for employment.
(Doyle, 2017)   




are various factors that affect the recruitment process and it is divided into
two segments. They are,

1.      Internal

2.      External



factors are factors that influence inside the organization such as,

The size of the

Salary structure of the

Working conditions
within the organization

Growth rate of the

Current employment
conditions in the economy.

(Martin, 2016)



are factors that influence within the organization as well as outside the
organization and they are called external factors. They are,

Labour laws

Unemployment situation

Labour market

Demographic factors

Legal considerations

(Chand, n.d.)




HR directors and other staffing experts consider numerous recruitment
techniques and strategies. (Davis, n.d.) The recruitment procedure has the critical
effect on the inspiration of employees, effectiveness of the organization and
general employee fulfillment. (“Internal and External Recruitment – HRM
Guide”, n.d.) There are many various methods in the recruitment process
and it differs from the organization of what method they use. Recruitment
methods are being divided into two categories. They are,

Internal methods

External methods



the Holborn Assets Company’s CEO had trouble finding the desired candidates
from the Domestic market he decided to recruit candidates from Overseas.
Therefore, in this report we will be considering recruitment methods from
external which is from overseas. Below will be some of the recruitment methods
the company would consider.







1. Online recruitment

The use of the Internet is speedier and less
expensive than numerous traditional strategies for recruitment. (Richardson,
n.d) In the present day most organizations use their Company website to recruit
most of the candidates from overseas. (Heathfield, 2017) Job positions can be
posted on the Company website or any other job recruitment websites for a cost
effective sum and remain there for a time of period or progressively at no extra
cost and are accessible any time of the day for any candidate around the world
who seek for jobs. (Richardson, n.d) When you have your applicant’s attention,
you likewise need to give an approach to effortlessly submit resumes for his
suitable job position. (Heathfield, 2017) The candidates should also have
access for all the details of the Company’s strategies. As a result of the
technology advancement most homes and work environments are currently utilizing
new computerized equipment for communication because the Internet is quickly
turning into the technique for decision for getting to and sharing data.


                                ADVANTAGES OF

The school leavers/ Graduates
who seek for their first job mostly search jobs from websites because a few
people read newspapers in the present days. Therefore, Holborn Assets could
gain advantage by posting their job advertisements in their official website.

Takes less time and costs less
to post job advertisements because with the modern technology you can post
advertisements in the in internet and it appears immediately. Therefore, the
waiting is over when you recruit online.

Online recruitment allows the
candidate to respond to job advertisements within a couple of seconds with the
help of the internet.

On-line recruitment
additionally gives access to people who as of now have a job and however would
apply for what shows up a superior one that is promoted on the Web.



Online recruiting can be hard
to focus on a particular group of candidates. (Phoraris, 2016) Dealing with
unseemly, insignificant and bad applicants is the terror of numerous HR
administrator and also employee spam can waste a ton of time. (“Advantages &
Disadvantages of Online Recruitment”, 2011)

There are times where online recruitment fails. There are few
organizations find that it radiates the wrong picture about them. If the organization
is trying to fortify and advance an expert organization culture to future
workers or people in general all in all it could be a great disadvantage. (“Advantages &
Disadvantages of Online Recruitment”, 2011)



2. Employee recruitment agencies

Some of the organizations around the
world utilizes this method for their recruitment strategy. An employee
recruitment agency can spare organizations the problem required with the
underlying screening of outside resumes, evaluating capabilities and testing,
and checking references. (Davis, n.d.) At the point when the organization is too little to have its
own particular HR office that can do the recruitment procedure or when the
empty position will pull in numerous candidates, bringing about a tedious
enrollment process, Organizations tent to recruit from agencies. (Nel, 2017) A
few agencies charge the job applicant, to make sure to know in advance, if
there is an expense. Others are paid by the business. Therefore, charging a fee
from the job applicant will be inappropriate and will be a disadvantage for the
Company when recruiting from overseas. (Doyle, 2017)



When recruiting candidates from agencies it
saves a lot of time for the organizations. Job applicants have the ability to
seek desired job positions with a less time effort. The recruitment process
tends to take time when dealing with huge number of CVs and application shapes.
(James, 2015) Therefore, with the help of employment agencies, they find the
most suitable candidate for the Organization.


A few organizations will utilize recruitment
agencies to hire the best individual for their accessible position and won’t
publicize anyplace else. (James, 2015) Agencies tend to choose the best
candidates out of a pool and send them to their desired positions in the
market. Some applicants may miss the opportunity where some might get it.


Employment agencies help companies to promote
their name globally and gain global recognition and goodwill.



While recruitment takes a lot of ability and
practice, in the online world that experience ought to convey cost investment
funds to your organization. (Huggins, 2014) In the present days most of the
recruiting agencies require a payment or fee. In the event of specifically
choosing candidates from an agency pool, there will be required to pay a level
of the worker’s salary straightforwardly to the staffing organization. (Lavoie,

are times when the organization has difficulty in studying the candidate before
the person arrives. Trust issues may occur when recruiting from employee

some point the organization may fail to communicate with the recruiting
agencies which will cause a great advantage for the organization.



3. Job fairs

            Job fairs are open at which the top
management of organizations can show the best their organizations can offer so
that the candidates can make educated decisions. (Richardson, n.d) This is a
typical recruitment method that presents a few potential advantages to the
organizations as well as to the job seekers that go to them. (Hamel, n.d.) When
attending a job fair the top management has an extensive pool of candidates on
which to draw, while job seekers have the chance to look for job positions
& opportunities more than hundreds at the same time period. (Richardson,



Job fairs attract a dozen of organizations as
well as potential job seekers. Therefore, Organizations have the opportunity to
meet a large number of candidates at one place at the same time and also job
seekers have the opportunity to get information and apply for jobs at one place
at the same time.

A Job fair also gives the organization to
increase its brand awareness. This method is an approach to get the Company
name out in a constructive light, to encourage qualified and talented
candidates to think about the organization, and to have a discussion with
genuine individuals rather than collecting resumes. (Smith, 2014) It allows an
organization to direct many short, casual meetings throughout a couple of
hours. (Hamel, n.d)

Job fairs also saves the organization from
unnecessary costs because there will not be any advertising.



Job fairs tend to be crowding because there are
dozens of job seekers that attend to fill the job position of every company.
Therefore, there might be candidates that don’t get an opportunity to meet face
to face with the desired organization.

When large number of candidates attend, Whether
one candidate does everything right and shake hands with CEOs, there might be
hundreds or even a large number of other employment searchers that are
attending to seek a connection on those same managers in the meantime.
(Dougherty, 2015)

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