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IntroductionToday if we see all around we can find luxury inalmost everything. But luxury is not just restricted to cars or fashionaccessories but it’s a different and global way of understanding a customer andmanaging a business. In the hospitality sector, be it hotels, restaurants,everyone has their own parameters of describing and maintaining luxury toappease customers and provide them with taste of lifetime experience to tiethem permanently with their group. IMCfor luxury hospitalityLuxury is not affordable to everyone but for ones whocan afford money really doesn’t matter. So the marketing here takes a differentroute to cater to these customers and arousing many others to have this soulfulexperience. Here, money is never talked about i.

e there is no mention ofpackage pricing while advertising. Ideas are well communicated not mereadvertised. Once a person experiences it automatically leads to publicity byword of mouth. Moreover a social function of luxury is permanent recreation ofdistance.LuxuryHospitality CommunicationIn an era of explosion of information through words orby description of various images, Luxury communication has taken a differentroute altogether and chose the direction of symbolic communication. Therichness today is not just categorized by having more and more money but havingtime to appreciate sensations that could change your mood.

                                                                        Mandarin Oriental                                                                              “He is a fan”A luxury hotel for peopleof stardom. Artists, Actors, Musicians, Designers – people who have put theemotion as the central part of their lives.”Love the privacy I get with Mandarin Oriental”where quiet means quiet”.            –Morgan Freeman      DorchesterCollection”Starscome and go. This is where””Thedifference is in the detail”It reflects that top artists of all periods haveexperienced their hospitality which symbolizes the experience they have tooffer attracts every generation.

Also they have specifically mentioned that about the differencethey can create amongst others for which one has to pass through theirhospitality. ConclusionIMC in luxury hospitality proposes differentintangible values which can only be felt and the experience sways the customermind and soul. There is no tangible product as such attached with theirofferings but an experience. Luxury IMC is a useful tool to communicate theirpremium pricing without even a mention of it. This is quite different whencompared to budget hotels which lies in how the information is beingcommunicated and the vitality of the content. Ususally the budget hotelsmentions lots of details along with pricing as compared to the luxury hotels branding which ties the customer mindwith play of very few words.

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