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justice and adult justice systems are always seen as separate systems because
of the age differences and the treatments given in both systems. In general, juveniles
are recognizing as individuals below the age of 18, while adults are
recognizing as individuals with the age of 18 and above. Juveniles who involved
in criminal acts would have a difficult status to be determined by the world. They
are seen as children with no or less understanding of the laws, and they will
be punished with kindliness. Thus, if adults entangled in the same crimes
committed by juveniles, they will be arrested, and even incarcerated. Despite
all the differences between the two systems, there are a number of similarities
between the two systems, as well. Nonetheless, the purpose of this paper is to
compare and contrast the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, analyze
and describe how they are similar and how they are fundamentally different, and
explain why the juvenile justice system is different, and the principles behind
those differences.

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Comparison of juvenile and adult criminal justice system   

the adult court and juvenile court functioning are different in many aspects,
the core objective behind both the systems are similar. They both are protecting
and enforcing the laws. The basic procedures such as processing, trial,
sentencing, and parole are similar in both the cases. Both adults and juvenile
have the right to be aware of the charges against them and for legal
representation. Indeed, the two systems remain separate in various ways. For
example, police officers, judges and correctional personnel use discretion
making in both the adult and the juvenile systems. Also, juveniles and adults
both have the right to receive Miranda
warnings. Boot camp correctional facilities are now being used for both juveniles
and adults (Siegel & Welsh, 2012, pg. 489). The standard of evidence in
juvenile delinquency and adjudications, as in 

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