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is warm exchanged through a medium which its particles don’t move for instance
when you light a fire under a spoon and when you touch the handle of the spoon
it will be hot. Convection is exchanged through a medium in which its particles
goes in liquids (gas). This is a warm warmth explore that requires hot and cool
water. We utilize two compartments of water, which are indistinguishable fit as
a fiddle and furthermore it has an indistinguishable measure of water. The main
contrast between the two is that the water in one is at a higher temperature
than the water in the other one. On the off chance that the boiling water began
at 99.9° C, and the chilly water began at 0.01° C, at that point unmistakably
the first cooler water would have solidified first. In any case, under a few
conditions the first hotter water will solidify first. On the off chance that
that happens, you have seen the Mpemba impact which depicts that wonder.

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Research Question:

How does the temperature
of water affect their free?



Cold water will freeze
faster than hot water because hot water needs longer time to cool down. This is
because the particles in hot water are moving faster than particles in cold
water, so it takes longer time for the particles in the hot water to slow down
than the cold water. A liquid can freeze when all of their particles are moving
really slow, so the hot water will freeze slower.



Independent Variable:

5 different temperatures
of water (10?C, 30?C, 50?C, 70?C, 90?C).


Dependent Variable:

The time taken for each
water to freeze, measured in minutes.


Constant Variable:

Mass of each type of water
The volume of each type of
The final temperature of both
type of water
The temperature of the
The material of the bowl




5x 500ml beaker
500ml of 10?C water
500ml of 30?C water
500ml of 50?C water
500ml of 70?C water
500ml of 90?C water
1x timer
1x freezer
5x camera
1x freezer
Pan (for boiling)



Heat each 500 ml of water to
the intended temperature
Pour each of them to each
Put them and each camera to
record them into the freezer
Record the time for the water
to freeze using the timer
Record the time needed by each
type of water to freeze.


Safety Guideline:

Be careful when heating the
water, so that you will not get hurt. Wear lab coat and gloves.

Be careful when you lift the
boiling water make sure you are balanced.

If you are not used to boil
water, you should ask adults for help.

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