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                            American Heritage
dictionary defined as” Resilience as the ability to recover quickly from
illness, change or misfortune”. Resilience is the process of self-defending or
self-protecting, bounce back, with stand in hard times. HIGGINS (1994), WOLINS (1993).
As Resilience found to be very strong psychological or mental strength which is
very helpful in our social life especially in professional and personal life.
Career Resilience has a greater impact on employees, career and their job
performance. Resilience is not something that we born with instead we have to
acquire and practice “HUMAN SOLUTIOND HUMMANIS,2013″.Carrer Resilience ,exactly
is the capability to maintain balance in the works place unfavourably it can be
viewed as any absence demanding , challenging and hard period that is meet in
practice(JACKSON AND OTHERS ,2007).Career Resilience  role in copying with reality shock and
copying with changes and being optimistic about future could prevent the
experience of reality shock(MAKIKO KODMA).Resilience as the ability to face
difficult situations without notable negative disturbance in
functioning.(PEERY,2002). Existing, Recapturing, growing are the concepts
attached with resilience and the platform at which a person may be during or
facing trouble. The concepts of growing refers to person’s capacity to go
wisely his or her real level of functioning and to undergo and function despite
simultaneous display of tough expressions (O ‘LEARY,1998). Resilience as
individual and combination of two or more people where they overcome the
difficult scenarios and challenging aspects (GEMMA ABURN BN,MERRYN GOTT MA,
KAREN HOARE,2016). Career Adaptability is a person having advanced set of goals
in the career with proper plans can be beneficial in any situation of their
career where they expect negative shocks and positive shocks which may lead to
adapting their career changing personals, aspiration and fortunes in the career
(MARRY RENAULT,NOVILIEST).Career or Building resilient professions can be
advanced and healthy through design aimed at decreasing danger to overcrowding
and executive control  or authority of
impact of stress and misfortune in the work place(JACKSON AND OTHERS)2007.
EMPLYOES PERFORMANCE is defined as” There is dedication ,fulfilment and
encouragement for the employees and their better performance”(LI AND HAUNG,
2010).If a person is in good job, there is a straight link to
performance(EDWARDS,2010).Sometimes in organization it require to pull the
goals to motivate employees(KEVININEMI IT.AL,2007).Challenges have been
accomplice with difficulties in engaging a viable nursing personnel because
they afford to a working environment that can be skilful as hostile, rude or
stale( JACKSON ET AL.2002, STRACHOTA ET AL.2003).Reality shock is a major
difficulty faced by youth employees when they start work ,a time which is known
as the”Socialization stage”(SACHIEN,1978). Graduate fellowship with high
independence had an reserve effect on reality shock (TAYLOR, 1998). Career resilience
is emotional quality that help people manage with chance and clear the way of
career development (KODMA 2015). Aim to carry working has been used in many
researches examining the negative effect on career shocks on career

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