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As a human
resource plentiful country, the prospect of the entire economy of Bangladesh
depends on the features of the human resource supply. In fact, the demand for human
resource is not sufficient enough to generate the job opportunity for the
existing unemployed as well as underemployed workers. Consequently, the economy
faces excess supply of human resource. For various socio-economic reasons,
market does not clear. In job market, employment is determined by the supply of
human resource in situations of full employment. However, in the states of being
without a job and underemployment, employment is determined by the demand
factors. Hence, the components of the supply function and the determinations of
employment need to be analyzed separately (Rahman, 1993).

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believed that a certain level of frictional unemployment was characteristic of
all labor markets (which are known as natural rate of unemployment). However,
involuntary joblessness may arise when a condition of disequilibrium exists in
the job markets, with supply exceeding demand (Hall, 1970). Any level of
unemployment beyond the natural rate of unemployment most likely due to
insufficient demand in the overall economy.

The human
resource supply depends on some indicators like timely
payment, wage satisfaction level, working environment, recreation, bonus, working
hours, woman safety and security, etc. If these demands are fulfilled by the
organizations and industries, then efficiency of the human resource will be
high. Otherwise, the economic growth of the organizations and industries won’t
be in satisfactory level.

Objectives of the study

objectives of the study are the purpose of understanding the characters of the
human resource supply in Bangladesh which have been developed due to different

develop the correlation among different indicators of labor human resource supply
in Bangladesh.

construct a number of recommendation for efficient and effective human resource
supply in Bangladesh.




2. Methodology

 For the purpose of primary data were collected
(>18 years) by the structured questionnaire. The processes of questionnaire
preparation and finalization are as follows:

 the questionnaire by reconnaissance
survey and

of questionnaire

On the
basis of the objectives of the study a structure of the questionnaire was
prepared based on information getting from reconnaissance survey, literature
review, etc. Then a few numbers of questionnaires were tasted in the field.
But, it was observed that there was lacking of some information which needs to
be updated. Then, a final questionnaire was prepared on the basis of the information
getting from pre-testing of questionnaire.

Bankers, Garment workers, Leasing Company workers were
the key persons for interviewing during the field survey. Among the many sample
collection methods, the simple random sampling procedure was followed for the
purpose of data collection. The number of total sample was 50. Of them 35 were
male and 15 were female. The data are put in the SPSS spread sheet. Then SPSS
software has been used for the analysis of the data and development of table as
well as graph. 

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