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Reliance JIO Infocom ltd, which is a subsidiary
of Reliance industries was launched in India in June 2015.
RJIO was launched to supply 4G
LTE wireless service. RJIO is distinct from the alternative service supplier because it started directly with 4G services
and lacks 2G and 3G services.

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Home to the world’s second
largest population of 1.2
billion, India may be a young nation with sixty three percent of its
population below the
age of thirty five years. It has a quick growing digital audience with 800 million mobile
connections and over two hundred million web users. Reliance totally believes in India’s
potential to steer the planet with its capabilities
in innovation. Towards that finish,
Reliance envisages creation of a digital revolution in the country.

Reliance JIO aims to modify this
transformation by making not simply a latest voice and broadband
network, however conjointly a strong scheme on that a variety of digital
services are enabled
– a singular green-field chance.

The three-pronged concentrate on broadband
networks, reasonable smartphones and therefore the availableness of rich content associated applications has enabled JIO to form an integrated business
strategy from the very beginning,
and today, JIO is capable of providing a singular combination of telecommunication, high speed information, digital commerce, media
and payment services.




Indian Market Demand

Users square measure wanting to upgrade to phones with
4G LTE and VoLTE capability driven by Reliance JIO’s VoLTE-only network and
consumers’ high intention to
modify suppliers to
A survey unconcealed that just about 1/2 the surveyed respondents
were wanting to shop for a brand new SIM or port-out from
their existing operator. Additionally it advised that the users may like Reliance JIO over the other operator for his or her new association or porting from the present one.
The JIO-fication of recent mobile customers is occurring. Aggressive 4G offerings from free-trials to at least one of world’s lowest
priced 4G information plans
bundled with bouquet of applications and content services, JIO has driven the acquisition intention powerfully in its favour in barely six months.
Reliance JIO Infocomm aims to capture ½ of India’s revenue market share and aims for fifty percent Earnings before Interest Taxes Depreciation
and Amortization margins, underpinned by multiplied information consumption and repair quality the corporate expects can draw high-paying customers


Cost / affordability

 “JIO stands for
affordability in a world where data is new oil” – Mukesh Ambani.
Reliance JIO discontinuous the
Indian medium trade with its free data offer until March 2017.
JIO 4G rates are cheaper as
compared to any other service provider in India.

The extremely anticipated 4G VoLTE
service offered data tariffs
at never before costs and created voice calls fully free, unexampled within the Indian market.

Reliance JIO data packs provide users an access to free
voice calls and JIO premium apps. JIO apps are an add-on for JIO users which
gives them limitless features all together via single platform. Reliance JIO
data packs with access to JIO premium apps was free until December 31, 2017. Further the users were charged a minimal rate
for the abundant services.


Data & Voice Call Support

JIO network is a contemporary
4G only network which is mainly used to carry high speed data. The voice calls
are carried as packet data using VOLTE technology. Unlike other service
providers the network doesn’t drop to 2G or 3G for voice calling. RJIO uses
packet switching for both data and voice. On VoLTE networks, data is exactly what calls are. When
you make a call, your voice is broken up into tiny packets of data. These
packets then travel over a packet-switched network from sender to receiver.


major root of debate between other Telco’s and RJIO is the interworking between
the telecom network operators i.e. the intersection point wherein all the
telecom networks intersect. An accusation was made on other service providers
by Mukesh Ambani stating that the Telco’s are not providing them adequate interconnect
TRAI, an Indian regulatory authority for telecom
industries has been pushing IP-based networks for a short time currently, however it’s nonetheless to happen. 

permission granted by telecom licences in India is between circuit switched networks
and also between circuit switched and packet switched network. But there is no
interconnectivity between IP based networks for now, but it will start sooner
or later.

reliance JIO has no other option but to connect with other network operators
via circuit switched network and thus all the call which are made over data
from your JIO phone will indeed be connected to a circuit switched network.





Application Support

JIO is presently developing
OTT applications to be offered to customers and lots of internal services to support constant. The management and monitoring of these services is done
considering the user and the growth in the near future.
You will even
be concerned in making certain that these services are on the go 24X7 and manage and
resolve any incidents that happen is due course minimizing/avoiding client impact. 
From list of Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE supported phones, you’ll be able to simply notice your mobile
supports JIO 4G or not from here. For making HD Calls on LTE, you want to have VOLTE supported mobile – It helps you to continue
HD calls over JIO 4G network without turning to 2G or 3G network or turning on Cellular data.


Migration Path

Reliance JIO is functioning on
the roll-out of its Fibre to the
house (FTTH) business providing with
beta trials initiated in an
exceedingly few locations.

In addition to that the scope of beta trials would be expanded over the next consecutive months.

In the upcoming months,
the JIO networks presence would be nearly in all the metro cities, all the
towns and the villages of India and can covers ninety nine percent of our
country’s population.

The company is targeting a revenue market share of fifty percent by 2021.

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