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is a line that forms a boundary between land and ocean or lake and which is
naturally dynamic, and cycles of erosions are important features. Variation of
the land area due to long term changes and sudden changes are known as
coastline behavior. Long term changes can be occurred due to monsoonal wave
conditions and human activities. Sudden changes can be occurred due to extreme
events such as Cyclones and Tsunami.

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Sri Lanka is an island in
the Indian Ocean which has approximately 1600 km long coastline and contains
several bays and shallow inlets. About 150km away from the Colombo one of the
most attractive costal area Kalpitiya is located. Geomorphologically Kalpitiya is a peninsular that
separates the Puttalam lagoon. It has been consisting of wide Sandy Beaches,
Mangrove Plants, Flat Costal Plains, Salt Marshes, Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary
and Sand Dunes. (Department, 2013)

in coastline become a major problem which can be happened due to unplanned
development of costal infrastructure. So, coastline changes analysis is a
well-defined and widely adopted approach for the examination of trends in
coastal position over different timescales. (Burningham & French, 2017)



Problem Statement

Sri Lanka is an island, and which has approximately 1600km
coastline area. Changes in the coastline has become major problem in Sri Lanka.
This can happen due to unplanned human activities and unplanned development of
coastal infrastructure. So, this is an assessment of a case study of coastline
behavior in Kalpitiya area by analyzing historical images and identify the problems and find remedial measures for
the area.






Significance of the research

Kalpitiya is a popular
tourist attraction area. Because that area has significant places to watch.
Some of those are 14 Islands at Dutch Bay, dolphins watching, sea turtle
watching, bar reef marine sanctuary, coastal habits, diving and snorkeling, old
Dutch fort and church (Department, 2013). So, the government can start the
developing activities in this area with the help of this research.



Scope of the study

This research is only covering
the Kalpitiya costal area. So, this can identify only the problems of that area
and the suggestions for that area only.



Objectives of the research

Case study of the
coastline behavior of the Kalpitiya area by analyzing the historical images and
identify the problems which occurred due to the natural or human based
activities and find remedial measures for those problems.



Proposed Methodology


v  Read previous literature reviews, journals,
articles and related books which are related to the research topic.

v  Download near 20 years satellite images of
Kalpitiya coastline area by using “Google Earth Pro” software.

v  Learn to use Arc GIS software and analyze the
downloaded images by using it.

v  Identify the problems and find remedial measures for
the area.


Time schedule/work plan
















Research Proposal









Literature Review









Collecting Images









Analyzing Images









Results Analyze


















Report Writing










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