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Terrorism infers  to the use of forcefulness to frighten a inhabitants
or administration  with an aim of various
spiritual or philosophical resolve.The danger
of radicalism has developed a global  attention  with numerous parts
of the world being under numerous radical assaults. Terrorist lingers to raid
without fear , sending-off a trajectory of loss of life  and devastation,
everywhere they chose to impose their blows.One
of the unique things to do is to discover out all of the approaches that these radicals
use and comprehend their schemes. How do they go about it? In what customs  do they use to execute their plans ? If we can
look out all of the customs they use to attack ,this will make things easier to
set up defenses and halt them earlier hence
saving the lives of innocent citizens. The purpose of this paper is to discuss
various ways used by the terrorist to execute their fatal attacks and how we
can resolve as a  state and the universe
at large .Several publications have appeared in recent years documenting India
to be among top ten countries greatly
affected by terrorist activities, which has made it to be the danger of terrorism ever since liberation.

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Ways That Promotes Terrorism

    There are numerous
reasons of terrorism attacks  in India. To start with , most of them are
political motives for the critically increased violence in India.According to Kegley jnr ,this is mainly
seen in the North-East region of India. The national administration over there
have become unsuccessful to govern  high population illegitimate Muslim immigration
from neighboring countries (Kegley jnr, 2003). Economic
factor also brings out the issues of terrorism in India. These include but not limited to joblessness, manipulation of landless laborers by  land owners and lack of land transformations.According
to recently conducted research, the absence of land reforms, lack of jobs ,
financial  complaints and insight of
gross social injustice in these republics shows that they have given rise to an conceptual
terrorist collection such as Marxist group waging a war alongside the particular
state government (Kegley jnr,
2003).  Reaffirming to Sandler and
Siqueira ,religious causes also lead
to the rise of terrorism in India.According to Punjab, he observed the evolution of extremism when the firm of religious leaders raised a demand for an independent state ( Sandler & Siqueira, 2006).

Funding of terrorism.

and rebel groups in India, obtain capital
from numerous bases such as Pakistan Inter-service
Intelligence (ISI), spiritual, fundamentalist and charitable organizations
( Sandler & Siqueira, 2006).Sometimes they result to extortion
and huge money  payment for freeing captives
and accumulate aids deliberate or by force
starting with the surrounding communities 
within their operation perimeter . Marcotting
trafficking is an additional base of financial support for terrorist societies
and they use familiar hawala channels( Sandler & Siqueira, 2006).


    Lack of educations amongst many Indians has
become one of the prime reason for that
has lead terrorism ( Pedahzur,2006).Many uneducated Indians are easy persuaded to commit the crime
because they have no high ability of thinking.They
believe crazy things making them more likely to do weird acts in the country ( Pedahzur,2006).

Ways To Overcome Terrorism


is the prime resolution to terrorism.The administration
of India has come up with a strategy to educate all its citizens without
discriminating them in terms of culture,
religion, beliefs or human behaviors ( Jacobson, 2009). Indian has
increased the level of education for all to enlighten its citizens and also to
make them proactive.


created by lack of employment in India has to
lead to the rise of terrorism among the citizens
( Jacobson, 2009). The
government has come up with a way of creating job opportunities for its citizens especially youths who are the majority. This will reduce idleness and
increase proactiveness in youths who are mostly the target. The government is
ready to support charities that fight global poverty such as Unicef among

Stop The Directors Who Support The Terrorist

   Groups such
as  Pakistan Inter-Service Intelligence
(ISI), religious, fundamentalist and charitable organizations and people in diaspora
has been supporting illegal groups in the country by funding them. This way leads to creating a channel for
growth in power and resources to these terrorists.India
has come up with strategy to overcome this issue and has placed a large penalty
to whoever will be held responsible

Stop Torture

     India has
realized that torturing terrorist victims
has lead to increase of terrorism due to vengeance (Lodge & Wilson ,2006). 
In This case, has laid out a measure of
putting in court for fair trial instead
of touring them. India has understood
that it is one of the ways to stop
terrorism injustice, it’s a subject that
involves ethical and moral standpoint
that can vary vastly from one person to another.Justice
is a requirement for every society to function properly
(Lodge & Wilson ,2006). The government of India has to find a way on
how to have a dialogue with a terrorist in order to come up with a solution.






actions have tremendously adverted allegations for any country, India being no omission.Terrorism
stances a lethal menace to the unity and uprightness of the nation.The humanity, media, and dogmatic festivities must make it a mutual cause to fight the threat
of terrorism in a interconnected and cohesive essence.

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