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Like many other mental health disorders. Depression is an occurring and a compelling cause of  death in the world. Depression can present with depressed mood, a low self-esteem, loss of interest in anything, feeling of guilt, it can disturb your sleep and appetite, very low energy, a poor concentration and social isolation. A worse depression can sometime lead to suicide among people with depression. However, there is effective pharmacological intervention available for clinical depression, nevertheless much of the depression remain unsatisfactorily treated. Sometimes compliance with medication alone like antidepressant treatment can be very ineffective.

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Some studies are showing that 20% and 59% of patients will stop taking their antidepressants medication weeks when the drugs are prescribed to them, the drugs also come with side effects that many patients may experience for example nausea, fatigue and drowsiness, dry mouth, an increased appetite and weight gain, and more.

Researchers are looking for an alternative way to treat depression. An exercise on depression has been the topic of the research. Exercising together with pharmacological intervention have been initiate, when people who are taking regular exercise is seen as a behaviour showing high moral standards, for the patients who are depressed taking regular exercise can have the result of getting a positive feedback from people which can have an increase in their self-worth and give them that social interaction. Exercising can be a redirection from negative thoughts to positive. Socially interaction can be an important mechanism for a patient who are depress through exercising getting out there and meeting new people, physical activity has some physiological changes such as in endorphin and monoamine concentrations help by relieving emotional stress and inducing a feeling of pleasure.


Many different studies have looked at how effective exercise is on depression and they all have found a benefit. However, those studies amalgamate data from a range of studies and randomised as well non-randomised manage trials. Researchers have amalgamated data from trials that compared exercise and no treatment together with trials that compared exercise and other forms of treatment for depression. This review will be outlining the evidence from randomised controlled trials on how effective exercise is on clinical depression and can it be a form of treatment together with pharmacological intervention





I have searched on PUBMED:


GOOGLE SCHOLAR: S using the terms” exercise,” physical activity how does exercise improve depression, exercise and clinical depressive disorder. I have found so much article and has online pick the one that was relevant to my research  


Inclusion criteria

With many of the studies coming up I have included the review if the participants were diagnosed with depression by any method with a diagnosis and with any form of depression and were 18 and above with no upper aged limit, I have only included randomised controlled trials. A trial defined as randomised including using the terms random, and randomisation it also had to include depression as an outcome measure.  


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