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It’s a harsh reality, that women in
media are still judged somehow. Why do we not treat the women working in a
school or a multinational in the same way as the women working in the media

in the media have frequently been trivialized by being called tacky names and
alluded to as a cheez (thing). While some may disregard such things about as
safe, they suggest a more profound, stinging reality of our general public — objectification
of women. So, they might not be different, but are perceived as different by
the society.

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they are also required to sing and dance sometimes, and that is considered taboo
in our society; it’s still looked downward on. They are objectified in every
field related to media, not only the industry. Despite everything they are
never given a more powerful role then men, and are just as an object or glamour
element. Along these lines, there are a considerable measure of variables,
which I feel, add to this sort of judgment towards women in the media.

Given that
ill be discussing, women objectification on different platforms. how they are
used as an object to sell, in ads. And how they are glamourized in tv and film,
for attention.



QMobile Z7:
Qmobile has set up a tradition of hiring famous celebrities for its TV
commercials, whether local or from abroad. It usually prefers woman, especially
after launching its “Z” series, which is advertised with this tagline, “The
world’s slimmest phone.” Firstly, it was Sonam Kapoor then Kareena Kapoor and
now this time around Qmobile tends to go a step ahead with not only it’s
tagline but also its model. Q mobile has the famous Brazilian model Larissa
Bonesia in its latest ad for Z7 with the new tagline saying, “The world’s
sexiest phone.” This commercial was also banned by PEMRA, entitling it to be an
unappropriate ad to be watched with family.

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