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Monroe Doctrine was
initially given by the James Monroe the Fifth President of US. On 2nd
December 1823 James Monroe addresses his last speech while giving message to
European States. Basically James Monroe told to the crowns of Europe to “stay
out of the America”, He said “as far as I am concern the era of colonization is
over, stop giving us the side eye and stop looking at maps to decide where you
may place a colony next, No more European colonization in America, what’s more
don’t interfere, the America’s are the US concerns, so we don’t want the powers
of Europe to meddle in any of the affairs of North America or South America,
you can keep your system (Monarchy) out of the America’s, this is the
Hemisphere of Democracy”.

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So in 1823 US was not in
world power, they could be at best at minor power even in the America. US are
not the major world Military Power nor Navy Power, because at this time these
two were the main power to take over the world.

So in the response of US the
European power didn’t focused on that and tries to fix the matches of Cricket
with them, because to establish the power of Europe the US was no more than a
little mosquito that buzzing around may be making a lot of noise bit annoying
but it was pretty easy to watch. No matter how much noise US made the only
thing that matter to the Great Powers of world was whether not the US could
enforce the Monroe Doctrine, with which such a weak military presence they
certainly could not. Nevertheless Monroe Doctrine becomes a key facet of
American Foreign Policy throughout the19th century and into the 20th
century. The justification of manifest destiny and will play major role in
Foreign Policy of establishment.




In 1820 the time of bad
years of Monarchy in Europe, one thing then Napoleonic Wars and French
Revolution have been convincing the powers of Europe for several years. By 1815
the Revolution was more less finish and Monarchy of Europe has been reinstated
but the revolutionary fever coming from French Revolution coming also from the
American Revolution, which has started to spread and movements for Independence
are now taking hold in South America, so they cut the Democracy bug.

          People in US sharing its Southern
borders, saying excellent work picking up Democracy, breaking away from old
fashion Monarchical and Tyrannical Europe. We are totally on your side, but it’s
easier to make an Independent movement when the whom country is distracted with
another war of Napoleonic wars. Once the Napoleonic war are over the Monarchy
of Europe start saying, Spain is in control of these nations. Now Spain has the
time and energy to consider or may be to putting down these Revolutions, so
they have the man power. US and UK were very much concern that the Monarchy of
continent of France, Spain might join together and try to put down all these Revolutions.
According to the market of that time early American colonial society the
economic system was known as Mercantilism (colonies try to enrich the other
countries) So all trades goes through the home country and home country make
sure  that the colony country is not
trading with any other International country, because they want to be the one
source enriched by the natural resource of the colony. So the Venezuela and
Argentina revolt from Spain, it means that there markets are now opened up to
US and UK. So US and UK are not either to see these new nations be return each
other colonial status because the Mercantilism, they are not going to be able
to trade with them anymore. So British Secretary George Kenning approach the
American Secretary of state John Quincy Adams who don’t make we make a joint a
proclamation between US and Great Britain saying that the power of Europe
should not interfere in the new world, the John Quincy state that “I am not
sure if I like you British fox” for remember that war of 1812 had not taken
place too  long before ends the US was
not quite to ready to be friends with UK yet and they were little bit afraid that
if US made joint declaration with England that would seem like a flee on the
back of Rottweiler saying that don’t mess with us or will bite you” , so they
were not ready to make joint declaration and this idea John Quincy Adams share
it with James Monroe, so at this time the movement of Nationalism in US and
they win the war of 1812 and they try to make new Nationalist redirect in US,
so after that James Monroe stood against the European power and also against
the Russia, because Russia was territorial claiming about some place in Canada.
So James Monroe in 1823 makes the announcement of Monroe Doctrine. He says no
more colonization and interference in general so don’t try to turn these new
republics back in new colonies under the rules of Monarchy. Because US was
trying to make Regional Hegemonic power.

Implication of China on
Monroe Doctrine:

China is trying to develop
its own Monroe Doctrine, China is trying to do the same thing like of US in his
region. China is trying to signal primarily US but also to places like Russia
and Europe that Asia is China’s region of influence that is rightful place to
say that we would dictate the terms of Security and Prosperity of Asia. China
wants the similar situation like of US they want to expel any primary foreign
influence in the region most notably US and China wants to become regional
Hegemony of Asia.

         If China wants to become Regional
Hegemony, it would do everything it can 
to maximize its power to reduce tensions in the region. China can assert
its power it can maintain and it can enforce its security in region.

        So it wants to expel the influences of
US by pushing the US out alienating some of the alliances or if it get close to
China. China does this mostly through the economic state craft because it has
such a massive market a big trading power that other states will naturally
trying to access the China market.

        There are lot of tensions in SCS(Seas
China Seas), which is among having regal rights of Spratly Islands and Parcels
Islands. There are many stake holders for those Islands and everyone claims to
them. The thing behind that claim is, they are rich in national resources, so
they can be beneficial for any country. China has two reasons to claim these
Islands as well, First is natural resources and Second is to get most of the
area in South China sea to have full command in South region. It resembles with
the expansion of US after Monroe Doctrine but the thing which in different here
is the trade joint with the world through their Naval route. If China got
control over South and East China sea they world would get into China’s
footstep but China still have the tendency to overcome its problems with other
countries through trade as China is second largest economy in the world and
soon it will pass US.

         On the other hand China had an eye on
CARs (Central Asian Republicans) as well because of their natural resources and
future of the world. The speed of Chinas growth is based upon its
Industrialization and tools of trade and their neutrality plays the major role
in Chinas success. CARs had very good relations and China after their inception
as they had signed many MOUs () and finish them successfully, being open to
their interests they are very clear to their visions and goals. Being the part
of Communist countries CARs known the pro’s and corn’s of a communist and
socialist republic, so they are very comfortable with them.  



The 4th President
of US James Monroe addresses its last speech to Congress, while stated that
European Power stay away of our states sovereignty, that we may also don’t
interfere in your states sovereignty. As we are not colony anymore. By that
time the Monarchical system of European Power were trying to take control of
the region to enhance its stability by imposing its relation with other
neighborhood states, and then acquiring its personnel interests by exploiting
their resources and not giving any of benefit to them.

                              Since the
inception China also had difficulties through they were in friend with USSR but
they also had border issue with them. After Korean War China become neutral
towards politics and that neutrality paid them very well. They become Nuclear
Power in 1966 and Mao Zedong had his Revolutionary ideas and techniques to take
China on whole new level. China gets Revolutionized and Industrialized and they
become the biggest Industry for electronic, goods etc. In 1949 by that time
China was weaker then the US of Monroe Regime but they hold their selves up and
look their time from to away himself from world politics. By the 90s China
become necessity for world for their cheap labor and become the central hub of
world trade.

                              But the
difference between China and Monroe Doctrine is the China wins the countries
through trade and they are neutral as the political grounds. They just see
their interests with other country and also protect their interest. That’s the
only reason they have good relations with every country because they are
helping their economies to grow and their GDP gets superior.

                               On the other
hand if we see Monroe Doctrine, US after Monroe become ally with the other
super power and they just follow the rule of “Might is Right”. China goes
global through trade and they are working new power along with the third world
countries which needs to develop. China wants to acquire or expand their costal
territory and hold as much as they can to grow their region in their continent
and Africa.          

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