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A graphic card is connects with the motherboard of a PC. It generates
output images to display. Graphic cards also referred as video cards. It
contains processing unit, memory, a cooling mechanism and connections to a
display device. It is the main part of the computer.

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How Graphic cards work?

The pictures you see on your screen are made of small dots called
pixels.At most common resolution settings, a screen displays over a million
pixels, and the computer has to decide what to do with everyone in order to
create an image. To do this, it needs an interpreter – a remark parallel
information from the CPU and transform it into a photo you can see. Unless a PC
has illustrations ability incorporated with the motherboard, that
interpretation happens on the designs card.A graphic cards work is very composite, but it objectives and components are easy to
understand. In this report, we will see at the basic parts of a graphic and
what they can do. We’ll also study the parts that work together to make it
fast, efficient graphics card.


Norms for example, such that MDA, CGA, HGC, Tandy, PGC, EGA,
VGA, MCGA, 8514 or XGA were acquainted from 1982 will 1990 Furthermore
underpinned via an assortment for fittings Makers. 3dfx intelligent media might
have been a standout amongst the main organizations to create a GPU with 3d
acceleration and the principal will create a graphical chipset committed on 3D,
be that without 2D backing. Right away the larger part about up to date feature
cards need aid fabricated for Possibly AMD-sourced alternately Nvidia-sourced
graphics chips. 5 Until 2000, 3dfx intelligent might have been likewise an
important, furthermore often groundbreaking, maker. Mossycup oak feature cards
offer different capacities for example, such that accelerated rendering for 3d
scenes and 2D graphics, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, television output, or the
capacity on interface different screens (multi-monitor). Feature cards
Additionally bring heartless card competencies will yield callous – alongside
those feature for joined Tvs or screens for coordinated circuit speakers. Graphics
cards weren’t exceptionally of service to initial computers, since they didn’t
need the ability with run graphic-based amusements alternately high-positioning
features Concerning illustration current Pcs would currently. Initial
workstations required next to no preparing control for the on-board coordination
contrasted with today’s frameworks. Those graphics cards with respect to these
prior frameworks went toward fundamentally bring down control consumption, Atat
thick, as low 2D execution. You might frequently all the have the ability with
see those revive rate of the screen contrasted with todays secondary revive
rate screens powered Eventually Tom’s perusing Nvidia Also AMD’s new
architectures. Inside the industry, feature cards are here and there called
graphics add-in-boards, abbreviated Similarly as AIBs, with those saying
“graphics” Typically omitted.

Components of the
graphics cards

This are the
important parts of the graphic cards:

GPU (Graphics
Processing Unit): A GPU is dedicated graphics processor optimized for floating point
calculations which are fundamentals to 3D graphics rendering.

RAMDAC: Random access Memory Digital to
Analog Convertor. It converts digital signal to analog signal for use by
computer display which uses analog input such as CRT display.

Heat Sink: A heat sink is mounted on the most
graphic cards. It spread out which is generated by the graphics processing
unit. The Heat basically have a fan mounted to cool it.  Most graphic card present day need a proper
thermal solution. It can be a liquid solution or a heatsinks with added
connected gear pipe which is made of copper for perfect thermal transfer.

Outputs:It is the connection systems which
can help the graphic card to connect it with display. There are some of the

It is used for high definition video contains resolution of 1080p and higher. It’s
transmission bandwidth great enough to support more resolution playback.

Digital based standard planned for flat panel screen for example; LCD and
Plasma. In some cases high end CRT monitors are used. It avoids image
alteration and electrical noise. DVI port is used for HDTV.

High-definition Multimedia Interface is a digital interface for communicate
audio and video data in single wire. It is supported by the dvd, gaming system,
TVS and blu-ray players.





Dedicated graphic card Vs Integrated
graphic card:


Dedicated graphic card: The dedicated graphic card is the
card which is not built in the computer.It is an external attachement which is
connected with the motherboard. The dedicated graphic card have their own ram. That’s
why it perform better than the integrated graphic card.A dedicated graphic card
is consist of gpu which has similar function like a cpu.


Integrated graphic card: The integrated graphic card is the
card which is built in the computer.

It doesn’t have their own ram . The integrated graphics card
shares the RAM with the CPU, which takes the RAM away from other functions.
Usually, a percentage of the RAM is fixed for the integrated graphics card, for
example, if the computer has 4GB of RAM and 1GB shared graphics memory, it
means that at any given time, the user has access to only 3GB of RAM for


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