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to industrial training

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Industrial training is compulsory to undergo this program and it is also
important for all of the UCSI bachelor degree students because in this two
month, students able to exposure to the real working places to get more
training experiences in order to improve own self. Students have the
opportunities to learn how to work after graduate, learn on what the correct
attitude that company needed and others. This Industrial Training program help
students get an early preparation before entering the working business world.


This training report is my own working experience reflection when I was
appeal for and found a place to encounter my industrial training in this
company. I was interned in LCP Supplies (M) Sdn. Bhd. In this company, I was
placed in the Consumer Division Department. My co-operative program is
involving in the marketing programs and also the product research and
development. I’m been assigned to the public events in hospitals and pharmacy
and also assist in company products promotion and marketing programs. In this
consumer division department, the works that I had done get to me that those
stuff can help me to understand clearer more on how the marketing involving in
the real business place and help me to understand how to interact with customer
for delivery the important information about health.


I was attached to the Consumer Division Department for a period of 2
months. My supervisor, Miss Yu Sin Yi had given me a tentative outline
concerning how my internship program would be like.


of industrial training

Co-operative Education Program (CO-OP) is actually an industrial
training program and educational model where students get the opportunity to
learn how to “survive” in a real “battle” working place. Students get able to
swap their academic study with working period which related together in their
major field. Students would know how to applied every task that learn through
the integration of classroom and then distend their own skills in the works.
Co-operative education experience is paid for their working experience and will
be supervised or evaluated by the employer and also the co-operative education
institution. The main objective of this co-operative education program is to
provide opportunity to students with a gigantic exploring view to a real
industrial environment to enhance their education by gaining the career-related
work experience before get one’s degree. At the end of the training, students
able to gain more knowledge and experience, developed a network of contacts and
gets a clear view on the identities of career in their own field.


Employers are also important in building up the key partnership because
their participation will ensure that students receive a well-balanced in
academic and workforce. Students will have a wild mind and a disciplined eye,
fresh perspectives and passion to the work place.


of industrial training

The scope of my industrial training
are basically on the duties and responsibilities of the consumer division team,
assist in the marketing programs, assist in public events such as roadshows,
warehouse, hospitals and others.; and assist in research and developments. From
the beginning until the end of my internship, I had gain a lot of the knowledge
from indoor task to outdoor task which given by the supervisor and that related
to my study course in UCSI University.


2.1 Company profile







            LCP Supplies (M) Sdn
Bhd was first establish in Puchong, Selangor and started trading in 1997. The
founder and owner of this company Mr. Lee Ting Ung had expanded his own
business from an exclusive local distributor to corporate business company.
Throughout the whole departments, this company get lot of support from their
own worker by increasing the workforce steadily. In this company, the
department is divide into two part of self management teams in tends to achieve
the effectiveness of workload. One of the department is industrial team whereas
the another is consumer division team. Industrial team will meet the wants or
needs of manufacturers with various type of products whereas for consumer
division team will more focus on the research & development, marketing
programs, training, branding and trade in-house health products. Through the
concerning of communities’ health, our company had launch various type for
health products and while then spreading the information about the importance
of nutrition for own health.


As LCP Supplies (M) Sdn. Bhd had
been lead by an experienced headman, LCP had verified the track record,
pharmaceutical, cosmetic and rubber companies who had attain the fringe
benefits from the high quality ingredients. All of our company department had a
truly heartfelt succeeded in their duties in giving back to the communities by
generate and launch the new health products. The principal activities of this
company is including the delivering and distributing the food, pharmaceutical
ingredients, additives, and also the manufacturing ingredients. With our
company’s utility and facilities, we able to achieve numberless of joyful to
enjoy our products which had represent our famed worldwide manufacturers and


            The Fine Foods had been
birthed from consumer division department of LCP Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd. The logo
of The Fine Foods is actually representing the assurance we have on our
products. The Fine Foods company give a premium guarantee on products to
community is the finest quality. The leaf that attach in the logo actually
represent the meaning of natural. “A Toast to Health” is committing of
improving human life quality by allowing the people to do more, felt better and
live healthy. The Fine Foods giving the opportunity to company to spread and
educate the overall health information to the community to increase their

Brands and logo






Location of company


LCP Supplies (M) Sdn. Bhd.

10, Jalan TPP 5, Taman Perindustrian Putra,

47130, Puchong, Selangor,


Websites: & 


3.0 Activities

3.1 Involvement activities

            The first day in LCP
Supplies company, my supervisor was giving briefing about the company’
department and products. Products training would be given since the first day
of working such as characteristics, benefits, method of usage and price. Before
we assigned to some of the public events, my supervisor had trained me well
about how to interact with customer, what suppose to be done during the events
and what should we concern more on. This allowed us to be prepared and more
confident when interact with customers. I had been assigned to the public
events such as in Melaka hospital and Kuantan pharmacy. During the events, I been
assigned to check the promotion product set, price tag, sample food and leaflets.
To earn the success in the public events, I had learned that teamwork is very
important because as everyone gather, work can be done early with a speed


            Other than that, while
waiting to assign to marketing programs, I had been assigned to do some of the
research on the new products. I had to make a survey in the market to know how
popular would be if the new product launch into the market. Beside that making
the survey, I also had to online search the journal or article to support the
products features and clinical studies. While study and written report on the
research, I had involved myself in the quality control where I could help to
prepare the products testing. The purpose of testing or preparing the product’s
ingredient was actually help to increase the feature and characteristics to
attract the customers.


            After lunch time break,
I would go to the packaging room to pack the sample for roadshow events. In LCP
Supplies, I need to pack the lake salt light and crystalline fructose into 15g
and 30g each. During packing the sample, hygiene and rules needed to be follow
as hygiene is a must. The packaging had to be seal properly so that the
moisture of salt and sugar would not be evaporated and sticks together like a
hard candy.










3.2 Products Training

The purpose of products training:

·      Building up trust between company
and customer.

·      Answering difficult questions from

·      Making last impressions.

Products training is an important business tools for the sales. Product training
will generate the trust and respect of the customer toward the products. This resulted
in creating positive customer experience. Some of the customers might had done
some of the research before approach to booth for more in-depth know of company
products’. During that time, company’s salesperson will brief the
characteristics of product and taught the customer on how to used it as this
shown that the salesperson has the customer’s attention in mind.






4.0 Involvement with the company

4.1 Consumer Division Department

            In these between two
months of internship program, I had spent a lot of time in the consumer
division department. I was given some of the task that need to be done on a
specific time which given by the supervisor. Before I assigned to went out for
the public event, I was required to have a greater understanding on all of the
products that company have so that I am able to answer the question from the
customers. Beside then the product training, the supervisor also gives a task
which I need to do the market survey and start dig out the research evidence on
the characteristics, benefit, function of the ingredients.


            When the customer came
approach to company booth, I had to explain the product characteristics and
also the benefits to those customers so that they could knew what should they
concern or alert on. The product information that spread or educate to the
customers must be clear and easy to understand.


Knowledge and skill

Teamwork’s Skill

            On the training progress, I worked
with Consumer Division team, Miss Yu Sin Yi, Miss Tan Li Hong and others. They
had guided me very clearly in all of task that been assigned by them. Some of
the public event we had to perform together to achieve the success and I was
able to perform and challenge myself well with my first try toward them and


5.2 Self

            It was actually very tough for me at
the very first time to get in touch with staff and also get through how the
work is like to be in the real business era but after the first trial in works,
I had made it. The team members were actually very kind and helpful. They
willing to teach me how to conduct myself properly in working environment and
giving some of the training even though they busy like a bee. I also learned
how to wear proper attire to work and manage my appearance very well to achieve
the rules in the office. I also managed my own time well and always be punctual
in work.


Communication Skill

            During the industrial training
program, I had improved my own communication skills especially the English and
Malay languages because during assist in the public events most of the
customers came to approach are Malay people. In addition, English language was
improving during my written assignment and paper works.


5.4 Product

            During the products training, the
supervisor, Miss Yu had given me the products materials and information to
study through before assist in the public events. This is to ensure that we had
the knowledge and be prepare to be question by the publics. Besides,
understanding the products would also help me to increase my knowledge about
the ingredients, functions and others.


6.0 Conclusion

            In between these two
months in LCP Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd, I had learned a lot of thing from the staff
that would help me in future to prepare myself before putting my foot in real
life working environments such how to deal with the headman in the company, how
to deal with the customers when they approach to and how to deal with the
method of launching or researching the new product information. I felt lucky to
have LCP Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd as my second place working experience. Other than
that, I also had learned how to work independently or in a team which other
practical studies or lecturer are not taught in the classroom. During the
period of whole industrial training program, I found out it was very
interesting and challenging for me as I get the chance to get closer to know
what the research and development department done in working hours and also get
to know more about the characteristics of ingredient in each products. I glad
that this training period closely related to my study course. The objectives of
the industrial training are all achieved. As at the end of the whole industrial
program, I believed myself have more confident to enter the employment world
and build up my own future career in a step.


7.0 Recommendations

7.1 Recommendation for internship company

            LCP Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd is a great
company for student to start their journey on internship program as they can
help student to develop different knowledge and skill throughout the marketing
programs, public events and others. I would recommend this company to give more
product research and development training so that students able to gain more
knowledge and understand the process of launching new products. I could
understand that the person responsible to supervise students is getting busy
like a bee but I do believe that the person able to assign some challenger task
for students.


Recommendation for UCSI

            For university, I would like to
recommend the period of industrial internship should be extending more longer
so that students able to learn more on how to deal with company or customers.
Students would able to gain more knowledge and skills through the period.


7.3 Recommendation for future candidate

            For future candidate, to be a
treasured fresh graduate, the goals and expectation must be band together.
Internship program would give a great chance for them to build up their
expertise and proficiency and begin the exploring journey on what working field
to be like before start journey in the real “battle world”. Future candidate
get more chance to know their own major is right for them.

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