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1.         This paper is to discuss
on Fleet Admiral William Fredrick Halsey, Jr the basic biography, overview of
lifestyle, personal characteristics, effectiveness and competence and
Leadership analysis.  He was one of a
great leader and a sea warrior, played a major role in United States (US) Navy
during the World War II. His inspirational leadership when taking command of US
forces in the South Paci?c in 1942 is widely acknowledged as the turning point
of the war in the Paci?c. Famous American historian, Samuel Eliot Morison
recognised Halsey in World War II as ‘one of the most famous sea ?ghters of
this or any other war’.

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2.         Admiral William F. Halsey
was one of the most controversial commanders in US Naval history.  He has started his naval history by commanding
first group of the Atlantic as a Lieutenant Commander by showing his confidence
and ability in destroyers and torpedo boats in year 1918, commanding USS Shaw
and decorating himself with the Navy Cross. In the course of his tenure in the
US Navy, he commanded in number of battle starting with World War I, Leyte Gulf
the Central Philippines in October 1944, Battle off Samar and showing extreme
capability of commanding South Pacific in World War II and promoting as one of
the four Fleet Admirals warn during the World War II US Navy.





3.         Admiral Halsey also known
as “Bill” or “Bull” Halsey was born on 30 October 1882 in his parents’ home
Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States to a naval family. U.S. Navy Captain
William F. Halsey Sr., his father was with a decorated social background and he
was an American lawyer, politician, diplomat, and federalist. Halsey, grownup
with father’s naval stories and decided to join with the United States Naval
Academy. Till he is being in the process of selection to Naval Academy, he
joined to the University of Virgina to study on medicine alone with his friend
Karl Osterhause.  Finally, he has
received the appointment and entered to the US Naval Academy in year 1900.


4.         In his academy period,
Halsey was not good in academics. However he was able to perform in athletics
and number of clubs at the academy. He has won the Thompson Trophy Cup for
his excellence in athletics as a midshipmen and also he has shown his keen
interest in football as a half back player. This can be highlighted, his
qualities of offensive and defensive attacks were brought up with his sports.


5.         Halsey was an average
student in academics as well as military studies, showing average marks to
military subjects he was able to score high marks for subject such as
Humanitarians. This emphasised that he was a man who may win the heart of his
followers since his early days.   Finally, he graduated from the Naval Academy
on 02 February 1904 by securing the place of 43 out of 62. Subsequently,
Graduated young naval officer has been appointed to training with naval tactics
and to familiarise with the sea in aboard battleships and torpedo craft.





6.         Young naval Officer has
been promoted to the rank of full lieutenant after completion of training.
There are very few has taken up this opportunity and only for the
administrative purposes naval records states that, he was promoted to rank of junior
grade to full lieutenant on same day. After completing the initial training and
gaining experience from destroyers and torpedo boats, young Halsey has showed
his talents in World War II as a Lieutenant Commander while commanding to USS
Shaw and been commander of Atlantic Fleet’s Torpedo Flotilla in 1918. Further
he has earned the Naval Cross during this operations.


7.         In October 1922, he has
been appointed as the naval attaché at the American Embassy in Berlin, Germany.
Subsequently he performed duties Christiana, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and
Stockholm, Sweden in the same appointment. Once completing the administrative appointment
Halsey assigned to the sea duties once again in to destroyers in European
waters, where he commanded USS Dale and USS Osborne. In year 1927,
he served as an executive officer of the battleship USS Wyoming and command
the USS Reina Mercedes, the station ship at the Naval Academy. Halsey
continued his destroyer duty on his next two-year period at sea, starting in
1930 as Commander Destroyer Division Three of the Scouting Force.  


8.         After commanding number
of ships and completing sea appointments, he attended to Naval War College and
then learned to piloting of an aircraft in 1935, which changed the direction of
his career. Halsey has been selected as a trainee for the Naval Aviator course
rather than the simpler Naval Aviation Observer program. Once he selected to
same he informed to his better half on his career development and future
ambitions in a letter. Once she read the letter the fact that is going for pilot
training, she told her daughter, “What do you think that the old fool is
doing now? He’s learning to fly!” as a justification for above statement Halsey
state that, “I thought it better to be able to fly the aircraft itself than to
just sit back and be at the mercy of the pilot.” Halsey earned his Naval
Aviator’s Wings on 15 May 1935, at the age of 52, by been the oldest Naval
Aviator in the  history of the U.S. Navy.


10.       During his flying training
there is a special event to be noted that he won the training squadron emblem
for stupidity: the Flying Jackass, a large aluminium likeness of a donkey,
awarded to anyone who broke a safety regulation. He warn it for two weeks until
another student pilot won it away from him. However, he insisted on keeping
that particular badge with himself. When he took command of the Saratoga, he
hang it on the bulkhead of his cabin. In his command career before take a decision
towards a pilot for an infraction of rules, he was going to look at that Flying
Jackass and think twice. Such tales began the legend of Halsey, and the true
aviators got to love him. Further, Halsey considered airpower an important part
of the future navy, commenting, “The naval officer in the next war had
better know his aviation, and good.”


11.       He is been assigned to command
the carrier USS Saratoga and then commanded the Naval Air Station at Pensacola,
Florida, United States. He trained pilots who were destined to fill squadrons
for the modern carriers Enterprise and Yorktown. In year 1938, when the war had
already broken out in Asia, Halsey was promoted to the rank of rear admiral and
commanded carrier divisions. In year 1940 he was promoted to the rank of vice

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