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Background of the study

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internet is taking over the society nowadays. Everyone loves to surf the
internet and seeking it as basic needs in their lives. People uses social media
to share their life and also share photos or stories. According
to Greitemeyer and Kunz (2013), There are 1 billion active users on Facebook
which is the most popular social media, with an average of 552 million users logging into the site per
day. People uses Facebook to
create a personal profile and posting photos or statuses to share their
lifestyle or feelings. Besides Facebook, there are also popular social media
platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more which also could
allow people to share their content.


Social media is a popular venue for both self-presentation and
communication. According to Seidman and Miller (2013), how
people view the information in a social media profile, and how their attention
to the profiles are affected by physical attractiveness and appearances of the
profile owner. Specific details of a profile can affect the impressions
of the profile owner, including description written or videos and photographs
that posted in the profile. According to Greitemeyer and Kunz (2013),
social media is used to view the effects of interpersonal attraction from their
physical attractiveness or profile names. The profile names and physical
attractiveness are shown to be associated with how people judge and behave
towards the profile owner. This is why people are putting effort in arranging
their social media profile and post pretty photos or better-looking content to
create good impression of themselves.


people would try a lot of ways just to gain more attention on social media
including taking prettier pictures of themselves or create interesting content
to attract attention. Social media is getting more popular and it could reach
to a lot of people. For now, it could be obviously seen that people with better
physical appearance including body shape or pretty faces gain more fame and
attention on social media. Social media content creators also used people with
a sexy appearance as thumbnail to attract audience on their content. In fact,
Seidman and Miller (2013) suggested that physical appearance may be the most
important element of first impressions. Therefore, the physical attractiveness
of the profile owner should play a significant role in attention gave to different
features of the profile.


Significance of the study

            This research will understand how people view social
media content based on physical appearances of the profile owners. Understand
how physical appearance could affect the attention attracted on social media.
As today, people who is famous on social media are mostly because of the
good-looking appearance. Physical attractiveness of the profile owner played an
important role in attention gave to the profile.


Hypothesis 1: People who has better physical appearance could gain more
attention and fame on social media.


            To understand the reason why physical appearances is
important on gaining attention, it’s important to study people’s perspective on
good physical appearances. This is because people have their different
perspective on the attractiveness of an individual. People have different thoughts
on a good physical appearance. It could be just a good-looking face, a good
body shape or maybe both. However, people are still more likely to be attracted
by people who has better physical appearance no matter which gender. This
research attempts to show the effects of attraction on social media by
including the elements of physical appearance.


Hypothesis 2: People are more likely to be attracted by people who has a
better physical appearance.


Purpose Statement

            This study aims to find out why people with good physical
appearances could affect the attention gained on social media. This research
also aims to find out the perspectives of young people from age between 15 to
25. Young people are the most active on social media and their perspective is
very suitable for our findings in this research.Literature
Review             According to Seidman and Miller (2013), people
tend to pay more attention to the physical appearance which is the main profile
photograph of a female than male profile owners. However, people pay more
attention to the personal information for example likes and interests of a male
than female profile owners. For the profiles of unattractive individuals, they
focused more on information that was not relevant to form an impression of the
profile owner such as advertisements. They are putting more effort to learn about
these unattractive individuals. This is
because areas with texts used a large proportion of the profile area compared
to the picture areas. Besides that, forming an impression is the background of
the current study, and the text areas were needed in this task. Hence, it shows
that viewers examine the profile photograph briefly to judge the physical
attractiveness and gender of the profile owner. They spend more time reading the
information of the profile owners to try forming an impression. Sexual interest towards the profiles of attractive individuals
is reasonable but not expected from the perceivers because the background of
the study was not romantic. The participants have not expectation on meeting
the profile owners. This research shows that people will be attracted by the
appearance of the good looking individual to form an impression. However,
people will focus on other information which is not relevant to form an
impression of the unattractive individual, more effort is needed to learn about
the unattractive individuals.             Profile owners felt less socially attractive when
comments that are other-generated were different with the self-presentation of
the profile owner. It cannot be successful without acceptance from others no
matter how they package themselves with exaggerated self-presentations. Having more social interaction in
profile pictures does positively affects popularity and social attractiveness. If
there are negative comments, people judge the profile owners as less attractive
and thinks that the profile owners have less friends on social media. This is
because people base their impressions towards the profile owners not just on
self-presentations but also on other people’s feedback about them. The findings show that social media user’s awareness
of controlling self-presentations online is very easy. However, they tend to rely
more on other-generated content that are seems to be more difficult to control. People tend to rely more on information that are
other-generated than self-generated while forming impressions. To achieve a
positive self-presentation, being aware of other-generated information is more
important. Besides
physical appearances, other-generated information does affect the attraction on
social media.  This research shows that
other generated information will affect the impression of the individual no
matter the physical appearance. (Hong, Tandoc, Kim, Kim & Wise, 2012)                         A
research by Greitemeyer
and Kunz (2013) stated that friendship requests of users who has
positive names and who are physically attractive are more likely to be accept
from other social media users. As a matter of fact, both names and physical
attractiveness does affects friendship acceptance on social media like Facebook
etc. This is why people arrange the details of their social media profiles
including a proper name to create good impression. Moreover, results revealed
that name-valence can be replaced or recovered by physical attractiveness. Requests
from users with positive names but moderately attractive and requests from users
with negative names but attractive did not significantly different from people with
positive names and attractive on acceptance rates. There are both negative and
positive implications in their findings. On the negative side, people who has a
negative name and not physically attractive are disadvantaged. However, on the
positive side, it appears that the negative effects of one can be helped and
improved by the other. Besides on having a good physical appearance, the
tidiness of the details in the profile for example names could also affect the
attention gained on social media.              According to Jaschinski & Kommers (2012), there
is a direct positive impact on the social attractiveness of the target on their
friend’s attractiveness. The friend’s attractiveness of the target user could
affect the popularity and attention gained on social media. The person tends to
be more likeable and seen as a potential friend when he has friends who are
good-looking. The gender of the target user and the gender of their friends is
not a significant element of this relationship. However, the friend’s gender
could create a main influence towards the target user. This is because physical
attractiveness of others can be carried over to a target user who is related
with this person’s. Visual cues can support the impression making process, it
does not matter if the cues are provided by the target himself or by his
friends that are related. There is no significant relationship between profile
owner’s gender and friend’s physical attractiveness. This caused the prediction
of the attractiveness stereotype which is female profile owners are more
attractive than male profile owners were not supported. However, men are more
likely to like a stranger on Facebook and consider them as a potential friend
than women no matter their gender and physical appearances. This is because
women are more concerned about the privacy issues. Men are usually more opened
up to strangers on social media platforms. This could explain that the
significant main effect of the perceiver’s gender on social attractiveness
according to the research. Friends could also be one of the elements to gain
fame and attraction on social media. 

research by Amon,
M. (2015) stated that in groups with mixed
gender, women were viewed longer periods of time and more often than men.
Besides that, observers are more likely to look at women first and last. Men
spent more time paying attention on pictures of women when there are fewer
women in the group. But there is an opposite effect for women, women viewed
less on pictures of men when there are lesser pictures of men in the group. Compared
to male observers, female observers spent more time looking at men. Men’s preference for
looking at women was magnified when women were the minority. Male observers also
do spend more time looking at women compared to female observers. However, in
overall, both female and male observers were looking at women more than men. As
stated clearly, women’s appearance does gain more attention and interest than
men in mixed-gender social groups. Doesn’t matter of the pictures showed a lot
or not, people who observed are using almost same the amount of time paying
attention to pictures of people than the empty screen space. This research
shows that men and women had a nearly same baseline interest in viewing other
people, this shows difference with previous findings that women used more eye
contact on social interactions including gaze. Discussion RQ1: How does physical
appearances affects attention on social media?             This research makes
several contributions. It shows that people does arrange their social media profiles
well to gain attention on social media. It also includes using physicalappearances to attract audience. According to Greitemeyer
and Kunz (2013), people with a proper name and good physical appearances does
create good impression to the audience and increase their attractiveness.
People who are not physical attractive are more on the negative side and can’t
gain attention as much as people who has good physical appearance. Because of
having physical appearance like showing more skin or a sexual appearance does
attract more attention, people started to use “click bait” which is an eye-catching link or
thumbnail on a website or videos which encourages people to read on. It is often
paid for by the advertiser or generates income based on the number of clicks. (“click
bait”, 2017)             In
this research, it is found that people are really using their physical
appearances to attract audience on social media. They use it through thumbnails
or posting a photo with a good physical appearance on their social media. Some people would show more of their skin to show a sexy appearance
to the audience for attention. The most common “clickbait” that
seen on social media also includes people who shown a lot of skin on thumbnails and uses sexual words or
photos as title on thumbnail.              It is reasonable to
find out that people are mostly attracted by the “clickbait” and clicked into
the content because of the physical appearances shown. Most of the “clickbait”
are usually girls with a good physical appearance or sexy appearance. According
to Amon, M. (2015), both female and male observers were looking at women
more than men in overall. So, women’s appearance does gain more attention and
interest than men in mixed-gender social groups. It concludes that people used
people who has good physical
appearance or sexy appearance which are mostly women as “clickbait” to attract
attention. People also post pictures of themselves with a good physical
appearance to gain attention on social media.    RQ2: Why physical appearance can affect attention on social
media?                        Since there is a solid evidence
that people who has better physical appearance could gain more
attention and fame on social media, this research also discussed about people
are more likely to be attracted by people who has a better physical appearance.
Hence, the reason why physical appearance can affect attention on social media
is because people does more likely to be attracted by people who has a better
physical appearance.             The findings of this research showed that people agreed
that being good looking and has a better physical appearance does gain
attention and fame on social media. People also agreed that showing more skin
and has a sexy appearance could attract attention effectively, which is used by
most of the “clickbait” on social media. Most people also admitted that they
are attracted to people who has better physical appearance and willing to follow
them on social media and keeping up with their posts or statuses.              According to Seidman and Miller (2013), people
tend to pay more attention to people who are attractive and has a better physical
appearance. It concludes that people does attracted by people who has a better
physical appearance, and this is why physical appearance can affect the attention
gained on social media. Conclusion,
Limitation and Suggestion Conclusion                 In conclusion, physical appearances do affects attention
gained on social media. Physical appearances could be an important factor for audience
attraction in social media and people are using it frequently as a “tool” to
gain attention.              The reason of why physical appearances affects attention
on social media is because people with good physical appearances could form a
good impression to the audience. (Seidman and Miller, 2013) Moreover,
Greitemeyer and Kunz (2013) stated that there are
positive effects towards acceptance rates for people who has good physical
appearances and good impression on social media. Based on the findings of this
research, audience are also willing to keep up with people who they have good
impression with on social media.Limitation             The
limitation of the research must be clarified clearly. Firstly, the participants
of this research have their own perspective of a good physical appearance.
Everyone has their own taste of a good-looking person, and this caused that
some people might think the person is good looking but others didn’t. This doesn’t
affect the statistics of the results but the difference might be more obvious
in real life. As in some people would follow their own perspective of a good
physical appearance and results some slightly different findings.            Furthermore,
the data of this research may be affected by people who is not well known about
some information in social media. Although the participants are mostly young
people who are active on social media, but there are also some people who are not
active on other social media platforms or didn’t know about the information like
“clickbait”. These participants have less knowledge about social media so the
findings might be slightly affected by them.             Lastly,
the results and findings of this research doesn’t represent every other people who
uses social media in this world. There are only 75 of the participants in this
research and it is limited to the friendship circle of the researcher. Hence, the
results and findings can’t be seen or generalized as all people that are using
social media. Suggestion            According the findings in this research,
it shows that physical appearances really does affects attention on social
media. Hence, the gender of the people with good physical appearances is
important to be considered by future studies. This could get different results
as participants has different sexual preferences or there are differences on
the appeal of each gender. A good- looking female might be more attractive or
less attractive than a good-looking male.

            Furthermore, further research on how and why people are
attracted in people with good physical appearance would be interesting. Not
just on social media but why people are attracted to good looking individuals
in real life. Besides, physical appearances of a person could find out the way
impression formed towards the individual. This could help more future researches
in social psychology area. 

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