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In this report the case study of the courthouse hotel
is given and further main role of the supervisor which will be proved as to be
successful for the future of the hotel. All the leadership skills of the
supervisor of the hotel are discussed further. Various characteristics that a leader
or a supervisor should sustain in them which could help in the benefit of the organsation.
How the personal skills of a leader or a supervisor can help an organization to
grown effectively, efficiently and faster. Further it is explained that how a
leader should manage changes that are adapted by the industry and to make sure
that those changes lead to success for the hotel. At the end of the report the
conclusion for the discussion is given. Followed by the references from where
the material for the report is collected and which help us to complete this

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 A Supervisor plays a vital role in making a
hotel flourished. And a good supervisor knows what is going in their
organisation. In a courthouse hotel, it is important for a supervisor to
maintain contact with his team; he should posse’s leadership quality. . He
should learn throughout his day.. So he must be aware of these attributes. Hence the supervisor must
develop skills of looking at himself critically.

courthouse hotel supervisor should indulge in some activities with his team so
he can know what going on. He should possess productive knowledge so that the
team gets also benefitted with that knowledge.  If the downfall of the courthouse hotel
happened there must be some reason, and this reason not only affected the hotel
but also affected his team in a negative way. A triumphant supervisor
should be able to sustain emotional balance and self-control so that they may
face various situations confidently and successfully. He should be active at every moment. Effective
supervisors are independent as learners.

He should be the alpha of
his team. he should be aspiring about his task and overseeing quality.He
should not be so sensitive with his team. The supervisor works in
situations which involve authority, leadership, meeting targets and deadlines,
conflicts etc . he should take
responsibility and lead his team to achieve a goal .He should not depend on others to complete his work .he should have
general knowledge, Whatever the supervisor does is affecting his
job and role, objectives, strengths and weaknesses etc

The supervisor of the
courthouse must have some goals to achieve. They cannot sketch everything in
past. Several times he has respond to the needs of the circumstances which has
arisen on the same moment. The supervisor must also be able to have qualities
such as being committed, having a missionary enthusiasm, taking responsibility
instead of fleeting some work to others. he should be creative enough to take his thinking to
new possibilities, It means that the
supervisor must have the ability to come  with new ideas that the situation has demanded.
he should be able to recognize ideas coming from other people and how he can
use them for his work and for the sake of his team.


effective leader does his work properly and in the required time according to
what is required. By this line I meant that an effective leader is the one
whole leads his team in a proper way and reflects his status in their work. “There
are a few leadership competencies that have been proven time and again as they
are mandatory for effective leadership”( Bennis
(1987; cited in Thach et al., 2007).these quotations has been proven by time
and time again. in a courthouse hotel these type of skills should be mandatory.

skills are necessary in a supervisor. He should be competitive enough and
courageous to complete any task at any time. He should also be a good thinker
so that he can make decisions even at the eleventh hour. The supervisor must
have capability to visualize, he should have knowledge in every field so that
he can manage anything in an effective way and  he should have technical knowledge which will
help the management to make a team with good and productive knowledge and easy
manage any work and in completing of goals. He should be capable of indentifying
great potential in his team, so that he can fetch more from his team.

 An Effective and efficient leaders should
recognize the elementary issues that are surrounding changes in their
management system. a courthouse hotel’s supervisor should face challenges so
that he can learn how to tackle them,  which may affect an organization in a great
way and he should be able to  manage
those, so  to be able to influence his
team as well as his organization.Managing change is also an essential key to be
supervisor; he should be risk taking and managing change in a way so that his
work does not gets affected.  The court
house hotel also needs some changes so that these changes will bring a positive
reflection on his team and will bring the hotel in limelight, he should also be
a good connector, by this statement I stated that he should   keep
the people frequently visiting the hotel and stay connected with it ;  he should be productive in managing change
also, productive management means that doing a sustainable change without
wasting much time and man power, he should make his team working in a co-ordinated
way so that these changes will not hamper the guests those are frequently
visiting to the hotel.  He should also be
motivated to bring changes as we know that when a thing changes it is more
advanced and more sophisticated to other people. Also managing change is a bit
of a hard work. change do not occur more often in a organization, so supervisor
are not adapted to more often changes, if a supervisor is a smart worker he can
easily catch something that will eradicate the time been wasted in doing
changes and he can make changes efficiently.

the word comes efficiency, that Is the most required part of a supervisor. a
courthouse hotel  must need this qualities
in a supervisor. He should be instilled with these qualities. The most crucial
issue in managing change is understanding of a person. A person must be of a
grand vision but he should also have intiating power. By this I wanted to say
that the person must initiate the changes in a way that the plan does not fails.
As many ides gets failed not due to clear vision of that idea, but not
executing them in a good, so exection is one of the most important part that is
needed in a courthouse’s supervisor.


customer service is playing vital role in hospitality industry. Customer service
is not only required for courthouse hotel , it also depend on the necessity for
budget cut and help to increase the guest satisfaction.

the courthouse hotel needs to set the goals for customer satisfaction and
customer satisfaction evaluate with respect to other competitor .it is essential
to get better on customer satisfaction, the courthouse hotel needs to make strategy
to help and achieve the customer service goal. The organization should make the
performance management program, it help to support and selling customer service
goal and standard, for establishing management and feedback processes, for
recognizing and satisfying high-quality customer service.

or staff performs best when they know the needs and desire or customer. Add authority
to clearly stated management expectations with consistent measurement and
follow up, and you can get the results you are looking for.”(Lindo, 1993).

the courthouse

the courthouse management is planning to improve the standard of the hotel as
well as  bring change in the working
environment it should be equally beneficial for organisation and as well as for
employees. The courthouse hotel should vary for different people depending on
their personal requirement and their expectations. The service should make
people like they are in heaven. And the employees should make the guests
special. They should feel and love their job as it’s not simply a job.

 Supervisor should
also watch his team and what is going between them . The courthouse hotel’s
staff and employees should be well trained in their work. The management should
train their staffs to the topmost standard and the hospitality standards should
be instilled in them. The management should hold meeting with staffs to get day
to day interaction with them and can get daily updates about the problems faced
by them.   

Interaction can
make the whole change. The employees should personally ask what is needed by
the guests. But you can’t ask everyone who passes by. So the management team
should make feedback card or can make online website to get the best feedback
from the customers, that what is needed by the guests and what can  be changed . These feedbacks will be unbiased
as they are not in a physical interaction. This process will make the whole
change .

The management team of the courthouse hotel should
not only make interaction, but should keep guests in contacts this will make
them coming again and there can be the recommendation by the guests to the
other people they meet. By maintaining contacts we can win their loyalty. And
making their moments memorable. They will never forget what you have treated
them and make them feel special .these one of a kind experience make the coming
often to the hotel. “Management’s emphasis on productivity without a proportionate
emphasis on quality and customer service issues can foster confusion and
misperceptions with the front-line employees.” (Audit of IRS practices,

Feedback is most effective and successful performance management
program. As we know that customer are more essential source to know about the
service performance. Even the courthouse hotel can also generate feedback tools
to gather all the ideas about the what we should needs to change for the
organisation. The courthouse hotel should make effective customer service
program, so that the employees needs to give feedback on day work on the basis
of their performance ,it help the employees to reach their customer service
goal. If any improvement needs to made by the courthouse hotel in their service
or performance, the quicker they find out about it and faster they try to solve
the problem. If the any employees have reached a goal, the organisation receive
positive feedback ,they will get appraisal letter given by the hotel.

He should also get to know his clients. It means thay the
supervisor should take personal feedbacks for the guests. But the supervisor
cannot always go and get the feedback. He should maintain comfort ability of the
customers. By these methods the supervisor can make more interaction with his
customers and can build a contact with them. Also he should be available at
times when necessary . we know that the staffs cannot execute every work, as
the supervisor mainly executes every work. The supervisor should also watch his
team in action, so that he can get some information about their working and how
they treat their guests.



The hotel should also have some special service. By
this I meant that in a courthouse  hotel
the main customers are commercial people who travel a lot and want comfort after
completing their work. The hotel should treat them in a special manners they
travel they will tell other what services the hotel holds. Their service should
be luxurious and formal also so that the keep visiting the hotel often. Also when
the guests checkout the staffs should do the formalities so that the customer
remembers the treatment even when they are not in the hotel. By these
formalities the guests will be appreciated and they will tell other people,
what type of treatment the hotel offers.    cnclusionAt the end of the case study we will make analysis that what we have
studied in our research till now. From the first we took a case that was of a
courthouse hotel. From beginning what we studied is that what challenges were
faced by the courthouse hotel and by these challenges which type of insecurity
was face by it. And we answered some questions that were seriously demanded.
Also in this case study we found how the role of supervisor can make changes in
a whole way. From evaluating different resources and researches we found how to
enact this study and find problems that should be fixed to bring in better
changes that is beneficial for the courthouse hotel and its whole organization.
Also we deeply analyzed the role of a supervisor. By research of different
people that we referenced in our study, we found that how management should be
controlled and how supervisory roles changes the way of leading his staffs. We
identified that what a good leader comprises of and how he enacts his
leadership. We also summarized how a leader makes changes, according to what is
required, how he suffers through those changes. We also categorized his
personal skills. How his personal skills can make an effect in the environment.
Furthermore we discussed about how supervisor can train their staffs to the
fullest. Also by the word conclusion we state that what factors were
responsible for the downfall of the courthouse. We also presented some
reformations that were a must for the hotel. Lastly we conclude that the
courthouse hotel just needs some reformation and refurbishing to bring his
league to its present. 

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