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Internet is an important revolution in human history. The impact of Technology can be felt in all social and economic activities in every conceivable manner. The convergence of all forms of communications on the digital playfield is opening up immense new possibilities of achieving versatility, speed and space-time independence. Governance is no exception to this phenomenon. In the post liberalization era, governments across the country have been engaged in improving internal efficiencies, responsiveness, coordination and integration between various government departments and external agencies, citizens and businesses. The universal trends also point out to the emergence of e-Governance revolution after the internet and e-commerce revolutions.

E-Governance seeks to realize processes and structures for harnessing the potentialities for information and communication technologies at various levels of the government for the purpose of enhancing good governance. With e-Governance gaining in its ambit the words “Good Governance” and “SMART” are gaining impetus in usage. ‘Good Governance’ connotes the widest meaning of the three phrases. It encompasses the entire process of public administration, the processes underlying the formulation of public policies, the HRD (Human Resource Development) efforts required for re-skilling the government machinery, prioritization, and efficient management of public resources and above all re-designing the various instruments used to realize the concept of a welfare state. ‘SMART Government’ is an acronym for Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Government. It is the image of an ideal government through the eyes of its constituents. E-government is a subset of the concepts of Good Governance and SMART Government. It is very specific task of using the tools offered by Information Technology in various aspects of the process of governance with the objective of achieving efficiency, transparency, accountability and user friendliness in all the transactions that the citizens and businesses conduct with the Government, that is providing digital interface in the G2C and G2B interactions. E-Governance aims to make the interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and inter agency relationships (G2G) more friendly, convenient, transparent and cost effective.

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