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Interneal coembustion

A tyxpe oxf in enxgine xwhich xheat xis produxced
as the combxustion of fuexl oxccur in it. The cyxlinder whicxh is fitzted in zengine
is uzsed toz suczk thez fzuel frxom the oil tanxk thzrough thze ozil pzump.

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IC zEngine czan be zdivided into threez majorz
comzponents whzich is gziven belozw.

Cyzlinder Hzead

Czylinder Blozck

Craznk Cazge


Interznal czombustion enzgine can only worzked
on gasozline (petzrol). Duez to higzh tezmperature anzd high preszsure it appzly
forzce zon szome partzs of engzine like piston,rotor, etc.  iznternal comzbustion engzine conzvert chemzical
enerzgy into mezchanical zuseful wozrk/energy.


zCylindezr     zHead

Cylzinder heazd is thez top endz part of inzternal combzustion
enzgine by whzich the hezad of cylinzder is enzclosed. Thzere are tzwo hozles
are tzhere in czylinder hzead. Bozth of tzhese holze are clzosed by twoz vzalves
knzown as intazke and exhazusted vazlves. The mzain funzction of zcylinder head
izs to seal cylzinder bloczk and not zpermit entzry and ezxist of zgases on cozver
head vzalves engizne. Tzhe main cozmponents of cylzinder headz are gziven bellzow.

Vzalves (czontrols quzantity of zgas or vapouzrs into ezngine)

Iznjector (fuel iznjection)

Szpark pluzg

Rezverse spzring

 Cylzinder blozck

Cyzlinder bzlock plays zimportant
rulze in the rzunning of ezngine. Cylzinder is a zpart of cyliznder blockz
which zsuck the zfuel frozm the taznk and buzrn it. czylinder bloczk also suzpport
tzhe pizston. For zcooling tzhe cylinzder watzer jackzet injeczt the watzer in
cyliznder situazted outz side the cyzlinder blozck. At the tozp  cyliznder head izs situazted and at the bzottom
crankz case isz situatedz. The uzpper side zof cyliznder conzsists of cmbustion
chmbers  wzhich helzps in fuezl buzrzning.
To hzandle all zthis preszsure and temzperature the zwalls of cylzinder shouzld
high zstrengthen.

     Fzew of the comzponents of zcylinder blzock
is givzen belowz.

1.    Wazter jzacket

2.    zPiston (piszton ring,z pistzon pin, coznnecting rod,
rodz bolt)

3.    Izngnition distzributer

4.    Czylinder                                            



1.   Pistozn pin:-

                   pziston pizn is sitzuated
insizde the pistzon. The mzain functizon of piszton pin isz to czonnect the czonnection

2.   Piszton:-

                             Piszton whiczh izs
siztuated inzside ezach czylinder as  to
receivze gas prezssure and trzansmit it to the conznecting rod. zPiston is zmover
in tzhe engizne. The  zfnction of the
pistzon is to give ztight sezal to the cyzlinder. Pistozn is slzide or mozve
freezly iznside the cylzinder.

3.   Pizston ringz:-

                              A pistonz whiczh
is sitzuated on a pistzon for a purzpose to guzide pistonz to mzove or szlide fzreely
inzside the cylinzder zfreely. If pistzon is tooz tigzhtly fited, it wzould
expanzds as itz gotz hotz zand may zstzick tighzt in the zcylinder anzd if it izs
loose mzay it lzeaves the vapouzr preszsure.

4.   Conznecting

 z                               conznecting rozd is to conznects
thze pistzon to the czrank shafzt whichz zhelps to zproduced zmotion and thruzst
of pizston to the craznkshaft. Thzerze are twzo enzds of coznnecting rod upperz
and zlower. lzower end is zconnected to crzankshaft and uppzer end is zconnected
wzith piszton pinz.

5.   zRod bolt:-

                            zRod bolt whizch is
uszed to tizghten thez zupper end zto the piszton pin.z




Czrank zcase:-

                   The zmain
partz of the enzgine whiczh is lozcated at thze lowzer end ofz engzine. Czrank
case zcontain the czrankshazft and camszhaft callezd cranzk case. zIt czontainzs
the luzbricatingz system ztoo andz somzetimes it izs called zoilz sump. Azlzl the oil lzubricatinzg systezm is preseznt in
it.z Few of tzhe main zcomponentzs of craznk cazse is gizven bezlow.

1z)zCrank shafzt

2z)Cam szhaft


1) Crzankshaft:-

                   Crzankshaft receivzes the
effozrt fromz the pistonz
tzo the connezcting rzod and convzerts zigzazg motionz zinto roztary motzion. Tzhe
zconnectingz rod lzower end is azttached to thze crankz pin. The zcrankshaft is
suzpported by enzgineering bzearing. Seze

2) Camshafzt:-z


 whiczh is rezsponsible for openizng and
czlosing of the vzalves tzhrough the pzush rods. Camszhaft gets mzotion fromz tziming
belt whiczh is connzected to crzankshaft. It izs placed zat the zbottom of tzhe
of zcylinder.  

     3)Pzush rzods:-

                              Pushz rodzs has two enzds uppzer andz zlower. lowzer
end is czonnected with the camszhaft whilze ztop end is zconnected with tzhe zvalves
which zis rezsponsible for the openinzg and zclosing of the valzves. Well you
can also zsaid that thez0 push zrozds zcarrying thez motion ozf the camszhaft.



Few ofz disadzvantages of intzernal combusztion
ezngine zis given belzow

Lessz efzficient

Azir pollzuted

Nzoise polzlution

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