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Instructing the Future

a kid you aren’t born a genius, but you can grow into it with learning. Parents
can teach their kids the ordinary, but in order to become a highly developed
intellect, discerning independent, they will need an aid. Teachers play a big
role in life because the instruct any age with the following: math science,
English, social studies, and foreign language. People get quick-witted intelligence,
and are able to examine themselves by getting an education from teachers.
Teachers have plenty of responsibilities, but after completing a
few schooling, the aftermath of the hard work will make a comfortable
living in a career. 

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Teachers have
many duties and responsibilities. This job requires: creating plans to teach,
track student progress, talk to parents
(if it’s necessary), work with school administration, or even
managing students where ever they are. “Teachers need to instruct social
skills” (Elementary School Teachers). While in this field
teachers will supervise students and their jobs. Principles and others in a
higher level will supervise the teacher. Students
test scores, classroom observations, lesson plan review, etc., are
done to evaluate the teacher. While teachers do their duties, the
unions must also get involved. Their role is in shaping education reform, and
administration must show responsibility
for student’s performance.  

Teachers should
have certain qualifications to work in this field. The basic prerequisites for
this field are: high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, teacher
preparation, and program. For teachers to be fully qualified they must pass a
test which leads to the teachers’ state licensure.  

teacher must know how to have communication skills, writing skills, patience,
and more. The teaching field involves physical requirements
for example, “Elementary, kindergarten, and preschool teachers are
required to escort the class throughout lunch times, to different classrooms,
to recess, and to field trips in addition to managing to activity level
of children. High school teachers rely on lectures for their
lessons, which can be taxing on the back and feet. All teachers might be
required to stand for several hours at a time” (Environmental, Physical
& Other Requirements for Teaching Jobs). 

Working conditions
vary in the field of teaching. “Teaching is popularly considered to be one
of the safest profession that one can take up” (5 Health
Hazards Of Being A Teacher). Being a teacher is going to involved a team because you
need resources to come up with more than just a plain lesson or meetings. This
job doesn’t require on-call potential because it’s an hour
to hour / day to day job. When people hear the word teach they just think of a
book and sitting down, but teachers use technology in class. Teaching
is reliant upon technology like computers because students get to work on
projects. Teachers mostly use computers in English class because of essays,
articles, and blogs.  

Teachers make
a comfortable living while working on the field. “The median annual wage
for elementary school teachers, except special education was $55,800 in May
2016” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Teachers have
opportunities to earn extra income, such as overtime by teaching during the
summer or even tutoring. In this
field everyone will not get pay the same
amount of money because of the geographical location, experience, or
special skills. The typical “sick leave” policy for this job are an
average of 11 days. Teaching is a job that gets paid into 12 monthly payments.
This means that while they are out for holidays they are getting paid. There
are additional benefits as a teacher like getting 4 off personal days or
retiring after 35 years of teaching, but you must be 55 years

There are
many advantages and disadvantages in being a teacher. What teachers find
interesting, pleasant, or exciting about this job is that they get to teach
students things that they have never heard of before. This field does involve
some serious drawbacks. “School district financial woes may equate to pay cuts, layoffs and a
reduction of job benefits, such as healthcare and retirement, for many teachers”
(Advantages &
Disadvantages of Becoming a Teacher).


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