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Erection Pills – A Man’s Go-To Solution for Sexual Enhancement

Instant erection pills are
supplements that serve as an instant booster, a quick remedy to a man’s erectile
dysfunction taken before or during engagement in sexual activity.

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Erectile dysfunction,
commonly called sexual fatigue is when a man is unable to either have or retain
an erection during the process of engaging in sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction
is a common sexual challenge faced by the male folk and is largely triggered by
hard drug or alcohol use, fatigue, health complications or emotional breakdown.
Hence the importance of Instant erection pills.


“Instant” Are Instant Erection Pills?

Successfully having an
instant erection when there is need for it is the ultimate for a man. The
question therefore is, how effective is an instant erection pill? Unlike conventional
erection pills, an Instant erection pill after swallowed requires between 15 to
30 minutes for full digestion to be completed, men are advised to take them
about 30 minutes before getting in the mood. Also, to speed up the
effectiveness of the pills, it is better taken on an empty stomach.
Furthermore, the duration of the pill runs between 3 hours to 24 hours.


Erection Pill- Any Side Effects?

As there is hardly a drug
without any side effects, instant erection pills are not any different. These
pills including Levitra, Stendra, Viagra and Cialis leave the user with runny
nose, dizziness, fatigued, with headaches and eventually with a case of indigestion.
Users are therefore advised to avoid overdosing on erectile dysfunction drugs,
kicking off with the lowest available dosage.


Types, Precautionary Measures and Dosage

Though Viagra is quick to
come to mind at the mention of Instant erection pills, however, there exists other
safe male enhancement pills out there. Viagra is a diamond-shaped tablet equivalent
to 25mg, 50mg and 100 mg of Sildenafil. Users are advised to start off with
50mg, increasing dosage depending on how the body reacts to the initial dosage.

Avanafil also called
Stendra is made available in 50mg, 100mg and 200mg, can be taken without food
and is to be taken 15 to 30 minutes before engaging in sexual action.

Furthermore, Tadalafil
(Cialis) is yet another instant erection enhancement pill with a lasting effect
of as long as 36 hours. Doctors prescribe starting dosage at 10mg, to be taken 30
minutes for sexual activity, with or without food.

Vandernafil also called
Staxyn or Levitra is yet another, although to be taken an hour before sexual
action. This pill works slightly differently from others as it is put in the
mouth and left to melt.



Instant Erection pills are
one of the widely acclaimed solutions for those who suffer from erectile
dysfunction. Although, they are a reliable remedy to sexual fatigue, they are
not right for everybody, hence the need to consult your doctor before use.
Increasing dosage should also be with the permission of your doctor. With the
correct dosage and sticking with precautionary measures, users can experience an
exciting and energetic sexual experience.


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