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Innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship. Since I started researching the Tandon School of Engineering, these are the recurring themes that I am not able to separate from the vibe of the curriculum. As a student that is extremely passionate about financial technology, this focus is particularly intriguing for me. Almost all types of financial activities – from banking to wealth management to payments, and several more – is being re-envisioned by innovative startup companies, some that have amassed lofty investments. After starting my own digital startup in Hong Kong, I realized just how hard it is to go forward due to lack of experience and funding. I aim to capitalize facilities such as Future Labs and use the entrepreneurial support provided by NYU’s business incubators to attain success.If I could tailor the perfect school for me, it would look like NYU. New York City is a global hub of the growing Financial Technology industry which promises me a wealth of opportunities to gain more practical experience in technological operations in businesses through internships and networking opportunities. Where else can I find a more diverse student population than New York City? Where can I find This essence of multicultural interaction lines up with my philosophy for learning, as I believe that the true learning is only possible through the exposure to new, challenging perspectives? I could grow to empathize with peers from places I’ve never been to, broadening my open-mindedness and understanding as a global citizen. Nothing excites me more than the realization that despite cultural differences, we are the same. Being from an international school, this is the perfect environment to fuel my love for a multicultural society. NYU Tandon offers this ideal environment full of opportunities where I can discover my interests in entrepreneurship and innovative technology in greater depth while developing a profound understanding of the role I, as a future business person and perhaps even leader in my industry, am to play in this rapidly changing and increasingly technological global economy.

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