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INFOTECHBased out of our worldwide home office in Singapore, with workplaces over the world from London to Accra, we are one of the quickest developing data innovation bunches on the planet. Having conveyed significant multimillion dollar extends in vital verticals over the world for more than two decades, InfoTech is the go to accomplice for arrangements that improve organizations. Our answers are “Splendidly Built” in light of the fact that they have our clients at the middle. Upheld by over the top help, inside and out mastery of specialists, and strong correspondence that penetrates all periods of the task, working with the InfoTech gather is an association that changes associations. ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations and also a CMMI Level 3 programming division guarantee world class nature of item and arrangements. Having done the absolute most complex usage in a portion of the biggest organizations in developing markets, InfoTech knows how basic the data innovation condition is profoundly working of a venture.

InfoTech is known by its end clients for moving toward executions not as tasks but rather as diversion changing activities that re-create whole organizations.Mission StatementInfoTech’s “client first” guarantee is at the core of all that we do. Our client engagement is driven by the theory that any arrangement we provide for our customer must make income for the customer by implication or straightforwardly. InfoTech won’t offer an item since we speak to a seller.

To begin with our experts will invest energy understanding your clients and how you serve them. We will work with you to comprehend your prompt imperatives to development and those in five years. At exactly that point will we utilize our verticals topic specialists to restrict universal prescribed procedures and recognize the arrangement that best fits and improves your plan of action.

 Choosing a seller is along these lines the exact opposite thing we do. The client dependably starts things out. InfoTech’s “Client first” guarantee is the reason we make clients forever.Literature ReviewRanjan, Shree & Kumar Jha, Vijay & Pal, Pralay. (2016). Literature review on ERP implementation challenges.

International Journal of Business Information Systems. 21. 388. 10.1504/IJBIS.2016.

074766. The paper introduces a survey of the present writing distributed in diaries in the field of data framework application ‘undertaking asset arranging’ (ERP) to recognize challenges looked in ERP execution ventures. ERP usage is a testing and costly assignment that requires thorough endeavors as well as requests to have a nitty gritty examination of such factors that are basic to the reception or execution. In spite of the fact that ERP usage and its basic issues, achievement components and execution issues have been examined before however they are not sifted completely as far as the alternate points of view. The consequence of writing survey displayed of our work concentrates on the ERP execution challenges from four alternate points of view, for example, innovation choice; change administration, learning administration, rising advancements. Considering these points of view in ERP usage ventures associations can understand a few advantages, for example, lessening expenses and sparing time or additional exertion.INFOTECH’S PRODUCTS INFOTECH’S OFFICE SOLUTIONInfoTech is using Oracle solutions which has following modules• HCM• SCM• Finance• IT• Marketing• CRM HCM Oracle ERP System which is product of InfoTech Pakistan has HR module as well which offers Salaries tab where salaries of all employees are written and at the 1st of every month, Salary account of employees’ is credited. Whereas Recruitment tab has C.

V’s of those candidates who have applied for the job which are shortlisted by HR department with the help of ERP and record is kept on ERP database.In benefits tab Oracle allows to record and calculate fringe benefits, promotions, bonuses and paid trips of employees’. Oracle is best choice for Banks which is the only reason that InfoTech Pakistan has large number of banks in customer list.In past times HR people had to interrogate every issue deeply by checking big registers for past record of employees’ even though cheque writing and distribution to every employee individually was a headache. After the evolution of ERP software this work is done on clicks only. Hiring is that much easy which was never expected even though performance is also calculated by software’s now which decides the promotion or termination of employee Human Resource Model of Time Trax Time Trax is basically HCM software which is more employee oriented it touches every corner of Human Resource.

In comparison to Oracle ERP System, time Trax offer more features including Payroll, Attendance, EOBI, Allowances and Benefit. If an organization wants to track employee than time Trax is best solution for them.Answering one of my questions Mr.

Haroon told us that reason for selling ERP as a product is to generate an integrated system between all the departments of any organization which had SILOS before.  In terms of Oracle HR is noted as HCM Human Capital Management whose soul purposes it to attract, retain and subtract the talent. It is also cloud based ERP product which allows web based data saving. Salaries, Recruitment, Benefits, Holidays, and Attendance etc. are the features of every ERP System. SCM InfoTech Pakistan offer ERP System called Oracle which is their product and they use it themselves. As an IT company InfoTech does not have any warehouse or inventory management in large scale.

But due to rapid advancement in technology world InfoTech assures to have an updated system which is more efficient than the previous one.After employees’ salary buying gadget is one of the major expenses of InfoTech which has to be recorded by Finance department but decision of purchasing new gadget at what time is the matter of Supply Chain Management. Purchase order has to be generated by the department keeping need and new technology in the view.

Whereas company is IT based and dependent on internet, so this task is also assigned to SCM people assuring the availability of internet 24/7. Lots of vendors are offering internet these days but SCM has to choose the best one among all. It is also tracked on the company’s ERP System  Above screen shot describe about the InfoTech customers demand which is fulfilled by SCM of company  COMPARISONOracle Fusion Application is a Supply Chain based software which allows a complete range to maintain demand and supply chain network but Oracle is not only the solution for supply chain we have best example of SAP.

SAP has complete variety of tracking the record from loading to unloading which include;• Procurement Management• Order Management• Inventory Management• Ware house & Distribution• Logistics• Information Technology• Revenue Management Further comparing SAP and Oracle ERP software to the nearest store of my home which is 786Medicos I would recommend them to have an ERP System which will integrate them to supplier, store and godown which will automatically tell them about demand of particular medicine. Even if there ERP System also has ERP than their life would be much easier. Keeping customer basein view many times people go back due to unavailability of medicine at times but after implementing CRM system they will update/inform their customer that they have the desired medicine available now.

RECOMMENDATIONS• I would like to recommend 786 Medicos to implement a CRM based ERP System as soon as possible to enable integration between supplier customer and store.• InfoTech Pakistan should allow their employees to operate and check the ERP System• Everyone should be allowed to give their input or even project progress must be mentioned at Oracle.• InfoTech should also add customization to the software according to their needs which is not allowed at time or even it is costly as well.• 786 medicos should train their employees first so before the implementation they must be able to operate it.• I would recommend 786 Medicos to have Oracle CRM cloud software for the better marketing and customer integration options Finance Above diagram shows the purpose of Oracle Financials which is used for maintaining company and employee accounts. Payments to vendor and receivable from customer, recording of petty to mega expenses are recorded in Financial R12.  Employees are sent on paid trips for office work or vacations by company these amount are calculated in ROI which is return on investment. This calculation can also be done in Oracle Financials R12.

  • Oracle Finance software is also called Oracle Financials R12 which tackles with Accounts of employee and company too.• From a petty expense to buying a technology is recorded in Oracle Financials R12• It also allows the Salaries recording and auto transfer of amount from company to employee’s account.• Payments to vendors are also made with the help of R12.• Purchases are also done and recorded in R12• Events and expenses are done and tracked into Oracle Financials R12RECOMMENDATIONS• We highly recommend 786 to install Oracle Financials R12 which allows them• Payments to Vendors/Suppliers• Purchasing of Medicine• Cosmetics creams payment can be made online with the help of R12• Calculation of income, expense and revenue would be one click away• Receiving of debit/credit card payment from customer can also be easily made with no barriers IT Information technology is base of every internet and software base work. InfoTech’s internal ERP software has IT module separately because they believe if the back bone is not working properly than the organization will flunk anyhow. This IT module of InfoTech’s ERP deals with the supply of internet maintenance of system, supervisory of project and especially the hacking.Because an ERP based company like InfoTech who is selling product like Oracle must be safe from hacking because data store in their ERP system is very confidential and customer data is also stored.

Hacker will sell out the information to competitors of companies and InfoTech will lose credibility in market.InfoTech really cannot afford such risk so they have made a separate module called IT module. IT people are highly professional and efficient enough to secure company’s data.

 ORACLE IT WBS Oracle IT work break down structure shows the responsibly of IT department which are following:-• Developing projects• Distributing projects to employee• Training to new and existing employees• Application server• Apps development• Security• Database This IT module is highly secure to assure InfoTech and customers valuable data. Only highly professionals are hired for this job to maintain company’s compatibility. Data of IT is saved on cloud which is a data saving web host who charge for their service. But once the data saved on cloud is safe for life time. In case of emergency occurring in the database company will never lose the dataCOMPARISONOracle IT solution can be compared with SAP IT Service Management which is shown below SAP IT Service Management is different in following manner;• Provides configuration with every software• Infrastructure can be build or rebuild• Early alert management will inform about any type of hacking or date stealing within the organization• Checking of prerequisites• Standard Configuration• Optional ConfigurationI have found both ERP systems very efficient and helpful if any business wants to install it than it’s highly recommendedRECOMMENDATIONRecently I visited Time Medicos (medical store) which is located at Stadium road.

They are using a complicated kind of software which was hanged twice while person searched for my medicine even it was showing that stock is available in store but when he checked in particular rack he found that medicine is not available. He excused me for the matter by saying that I my self-updated the stock but any other counter might have sold it. I found that person might have sold medicine but due to continuous hang of software recording was not added.

I would recommend Time Medicos to install IT based solution of any ERP system between Oracle and SAP.MarketingMARKETING WBS Oracle ERP module is called Marketing cloud which is totally a different product line of InfoTech Pakistan. As a vendor they use software themselves for analyzing their marketing strategy and after the strategy is developed it is evaluated with a method called Marketing Analytics which enables followingOracle Marketing Cloud enables following;• Sales record or sale strategy• Emailing different offers and promotions through email module• Social media campaigns are also being handled through Oracle Marketing Cloud• Website can also be managed and updated with new offers and products from Marketing Cloud• Ecommerce facility can also be tackled via Marketing CloudFew main advantages of Oracle Marketing cloud are• Cross Channel Marketing• Marketing AnalyticsCross Channel Marketing allows to market for multiple channels at the mean time or in other words cross channel marketing is to market one extra with same channelCross channel marketing boost our sales rapidly in two ways;Cross Sell: It is all about to get the customer involved in spending more money by showing more products of the other categories to attract them for purchasing that product too.Up Sell: It is a strategy is used to get the customer for spending more money by showing them latest product and at times that product is too expensive in this manner companies sell their brandsAll these strategies and offers are evaluated in a different module which is called Marketing Analytics.Marketing Analytics is a practice which is used to measure, manage and analyze the promotions and strategies which are used to increase sales and number of customers.

Marketing Analytics is also used to calculate the return on investment, which calculates the profit earned on the expenses.MIND MAP FOR MARKETING ANALYTICSRECOMMENDATIONSWe would like to recommend 786 Medicos in following manner• 786  Medicos should also buy Marketing Cloud Software which can be synchronized with Oracle CRM we have already recommended 786 Medicos• With Cloud Marketing software they can analyze their sale and marketing strategy.• Customers feedback can also be collected at once place and then changes could be make.• Patients of particular disease can be easily targeted by sending them medicine awareness by SMS or emai CRM InfoTech offers synchronized CRM system which is part of their product Oracle. CRM is offered to banks which enables text messages to customer after every transaction.

Those SMS are sent via E-Oceans marketing SMS services.E-Oceans enable bank to send different offers via text message including percentage off on XYZ brand just by using their Debit/Credit card.From strategy to selling the product everything is tracked in CRM on Demand. Following information is saved in Oracle CRM on Demand;• Customers’ biodata• Phone number• Email• Address• Visits• Favorite product• Most buying productWhile customer’s bio data is saved in the software than businesses can easily target them accordingly.

In modern world this is all due to integrated software like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft ERP. ORACLE CRM ON DEMAND Oracle CRM is offering customer data base all in one place including from customer biography to their visits to the business. While customers purchase product they are asked for personal information especially the contact the number. At times emails are asked to customer for latest offers and discounts.

Oracle CRM is as offshoot of marketing which is helpful in making business strategies and after implementing those strategies Oracle CRM evaluate those strategies. Oracle’s CRM on Demand is being used by different banks in Pakistan which is interconnected with ERP System of Oracle only.COMPARISON Oracle CRM is efficient enough has SAP CRM is.

SAP CRM is helpful for making and analyzing marketing strategies even product differentiation can be done by SAP CRM. For customer biography to history of visits are automatically recorded when they purchases from the company and while paying the bill they are asked for their mobile number and once the customer data is stored into the software than company offers them different discounts and free try of new product.SAP CRM is also used by large scale companies like banks and MNCs. On the other hand oracle CRM is also being used by different University and large scale hotels.RECOMMENDATIONSI would like 786 to install Oracle CRM on demand to make the customers life easy. Because I have observed that at times customer go back with nothing due to unavailability of medicine especially when there is shortage of life saving medicine. After installing Oracle CRM on Demand 786 medicos would be efficient in following manner:• Lifesaving medicine buyers would be updated by SMS through Oracle CRM on demand.• Regular buyers of particular medicine people would be offered about the particular SMS via phone call or SMS.• TB and diabetic medicines always get short in market but buyers from 786 Medicine would be able to purchase same medicine as store will keep it in advance.• People will not wait anymore because manual system would be replace with CRM on Demand.

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