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Information Technology Information technology is closely related to computers and networks. Many people come to computers, networks, or both when IT is mentioned. Computers and networks (such as the Internet) are the primary means of storing, publishing, and applying information. The way it is obtained is very simple and very fast. 1 The world today is like a small village thanks to information technology; the process of communication and dissemination of information has become very fast to all parts of the world, Z human life, and the latest radical change in, thereby increasing ways of entertainment and comfort, and I said hardship and suffering in many things, the world has now become entirely dependent on technology, knowing that this technology holds great danger enough to destroy the society if it improves disposition. Modern technology has contributed to the development of science and its technological applications very quickly and made it different from yesterday, and will make the world of tomorrow completely different from today’s world. 2 The impact of information technology Politically, technology holds the role of power and power; modern aircraft with electronic technology are much faster than aircraft that lack (And so-called intelligent) IT-based weapons do much more than the weapons of the past. 3 Small computers have the ability to conduct millions of calculations in two seconds Worm compared to the old computer devices with limited effectiveness is limited to the completion of little computational and informatics operations, 4 and so many of the examples are innumerable. These changes resulting from the development of science and technology are new features or facets of force, which will provide humanity in the world of tomorrow with new features. Most of the achievements and scientific discoveries are achieved as a result of military requirements that played a major role in directing the form and method of technological and cognitive development directly or indirectly. Modern science and its contemporary technological applications are of great importance to the human being today, more than ever throughout its history as the basic foundation of the modern economy, its means of creating wealth and the strategic necessity to define the requirements and the implications for achieving political goals. The impact of information technology has contributed to technological progress and organizational maturation in increasing production, capital accumulation and creating stiff competition in post-manufacturers. As a reflection of this competition, the R & D concept has emerged as a strategy of creation and creativity through the harmony of scientific ideas and their application by engineers and scientists In a comprehensive production and make it a way of life, so expanded the role of research and development into large sections with technical skills, legal and administrative in maintaining the industrial site and a reference to quality and efficiency of productivity and Roll. These developments have resulted in an industrial culture that is derived from the continuous increase in science and technology bids that mature and deepen as a natural result of research and development. 5 The role of research and development in the information revolution, its relevance to the organization of factories in the era of globalization and its infrastructure, The global economy, and the spread of technological innovations from a specific industrial sector to other industrial sectors within and outside the country, and the reflection of all this on the capacity and speed of industrial production in multiple places and their important role in the secretions of 6 The impact of information technology socially Sociologists likened the impact of information technology on society to the fact that it transformed the world from vast continents separated by oceans, which take months to travel between continents, to a very small village encompassing all the world’s population, . Thanks to information technology, communication between any two people in different parts of the earth has become an easy and fast process. Only voice, video or video communication is done online with very high precision. 7 It took days or even months to reach only one side; instant messaging applications for mobile devices, which made the exchange of messages only require writing the message and pressing the send button. Recently, social networking sites that are used to entertain people to share their news, images, and psychological situations with the community have become popular. People interact with each other. 8 Other IT impacts Information technology has made education more effective and productive, And increased the well-being of the student; the emergence of advanced methods of education facilitated the process, such as the replacement of books with tablets and laptops, in addition to the emergence of distance learning, which allowed the student to learn from his home without the need to pray The computer has developed these devices and turned them into digital devices that facilitate their programming and handling, in addition to the emergence of new science related to medicine. 10 The development of this field is an important development For humanity, it is the basis of living a healthy life away from disease and pain. It is noticeable that information technology has radically changed human life,

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