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Information technology
is the application of computer to store, study, retrieve transmit and use data.
The application of information technology can be used in storing, can be used
for studying transmit some information and use data. Information technology has
got many applications in areas like organizations, running, and inter

following are the application of information technology in organization.

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this is a social unit of people, that is organized and succeeded to meet needs
or to follow collective goals. All organization has got management structure
that determine the relationship between different activities and the members
and allocate roles responsibility and authority
to carry out different tasks. The following are the application of information
technology in organization system.

of information,
The presence of information technology in the
organization results to the flow of information. For example, an organization
can use this technology to communicate with the staff members or the customers
in the different areas, like by using telephones, emails, and other services it
can ease the flow of information in the organization.

processing:  Information technology simplifies the
transaction process of an organization. A transaction process system is a
system that processes transactions. the systematic occur within an organization.
For example, the organization use to buy different goods and services that can
be used in the organization like office equipment’s that is files, papers, Ink,
printers and other many equipment, there for through the presence of
information technology now the organization can access all transactions done
and keep record to the organization data base. Another example is the use of
EFD machines in different businesses, it is used to store all transactions and
at the end of the month the authority can use it to trace the amount of tax a
business man should pay, also banking transactions apply much the use of
information technology.

support:  A decision support system is a very flexible
and cooperative information technology system that is intended to support
decision making when the problem is not organized.  Decision support
system works together with an intelligence system to help the worker create
information through online systematic process to enable decision making tasks
that require important effort and analysis.

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