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Information Technology has helped us leverage our multi-dimensional potential by erasing the barriers that compromised our efficiency and productivity. The inter-connected world still has ample avenues of improvement and this is evident from dramatic leaps in IT technologies that keep surfacing every other day. India has also become a name to reckon with in the global IT landscape by offering trailblazing solutions that holistically complement the dynamics of a futuristic IT vision. As an IT professional, I feel euphoric about the trends and want to make my presence felt in the industry as someone who is capable of breaking fresh ground with innovative ideas. MS in IT from Deakin would definitely hone my skills and transform me into a frontline manager with flair for developing next-gen IT solutions.As a student, I had always set ambitious goals for myself and have toiled hard to achieve them convincingly. During the formative years, my parents and teachers had contributed immensely in building the strength of my character and preparing me to take on the challenges of future. I would always devote extra time to assimilate additional knowledge from books and sources that didn’t pertain to curriculum. This had kept my passion for learning ignited and made itself apparent through excellent results in all milestone examinations. I had completed my SSC and SC from Deepthi HS, Thrissur and Model Boys HS in 2008 and 2010 respectively with 91% and 80.83% marks respectively. After SC, I had to compete with half a million students in the All India Engineering Entrance Examinations to secure a B.Tech seat in the prestigious Vidya Academy of Science and Technology under University of Calicut. My discipline was Electronics and Communication Engineering. In 2014 April, I could don the graduate engineer’s cap with a CGPA of 6.67.The under-graduation days proved to be highly intellectually enriching for me. I had always been interested in IT and viewed subjects from its perspective to brace up for future needs. C Programming, Microprocessors, and Network theory had captured my attention the most. I took my preliminary knowledge of object oriented programming to the next level in college. Concurrently, I have developed my expertise in Microsoft .NET tools, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, C#, Asp.Net, VB, MVC, HTML 5, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, C, C++, Objective-C, Team Foundation, IBM ClearCase, AQT, and Android Studio. After completion of my B.Tech, I was campus selected for one of the leading global IT companies TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).As part of preparedness I joined IT division of My college for learning Java platform and trained for 4 months. During the on-boarding process of TCS in January 2015, I was exhaustively detailed about IT from the perspective of existing market needs. My job profile pertains to Application Maintenance and Enhancement, Gathering requirements, Analysing System Requirements, Project management, Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Quality Centre compliance, Compliance to Schedule and Quality of Deliverables, as well as SLA compliance monitoring. Incidentally, the majority of the aforesaid activities have been dealt in further details in the proposed Masters course from Deakins. At TCS during the last 3 years, I have executed many large-scale projects for prestigious clients. One that deserves special mention pertains to ‘Eversource Energy’. I was entrusted with the holistic integration and management of designing process of a bunch of critical applications. Along with my team, I had evaluated, designed, coded, tested and debugged application changes. While analysing problems and fixing bugs, I became conversant with the entire gamut of advanced IT tricks that essentially hadn’t featured in our course curriculum. During this process, my interest in exploring this vast domain was sparked intensely and I seek to fulfil the same with Masters from Deakins. The fact that I have excelled professionally also is apparent from the LIREL (Leading change. Integrity. Respect for the individual. Excellence. Learning and sharing) recognition that has been bestowed by my organization upon me. The social side of my character is equally active. Music soothes my soul and lift my spirits up. During my leisure, I like to design creative logos and web apps. My creativity finds optimum expression in Photoshop in whose canvas I materialize my aspirations with beautiful designs. Surfing the internet for seeking out newer technologies and gadgets is my favourite pastime. Australia is one among the top international student destination in the English-speaking world, Graduates from Australian universities are highly sought after due to the international reputation of the Australian Education system. Australian Government constantly regulates and maintains the high standards of education associated with the country. While comparing with UK and US, Australia is having considerably lower living expense and tuition fees. There are large number of scholarship available to the international students. So Australia was an obvious choice for me.Deakin University has a prestigious presence in highly rated global academic institutions. It ranks among top ten in the student satisfaction metrics. Learning process has been streamlined by its unique tri-semester system. State of the art pedagogic infrastructure, contemporarily equipped labs with cutting edge research tools, optimized student to professor ratio, and excellent international student support render it an ideal place for enhancing skills. I have been following the research interests of eminent professors over here and hope to learn more under their tutelage. Deakins offer internship programs at mainstream companies which would pave way for reflective, participative and experiential learning through gaining of real time experience. The Master of Information Technology (Professional) is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This course has total 16 credit point whereas 12 credit points for core, elective and specialization units and 4 credit points for elective units. The course covers core topics such as Project Analysis and Design, Research and Development in Information Technology, Project delivery, Software Engineering. I wish I could excel in Software Development by taking it as my Specialization unit. I am well aware of Australian student visa conditions that I must remain enrolled in registered course, I am eligible to work 40 hours per fortnight, I should have a valid health insurance during my stay in Australia, I should complete course in the timeframe listed on confirmation of enrolment (CoE), I should notify University/DIBP if I change my address/contact within seven days.Masters from reputed university like Deakin will definitely give me an edge over others in job Market. I wish I could experience and enrich job experience by working in organizations like Xero,  Envato, 99Designs as web developer , UI Designer ,Software Engineer . I would be very happy if I could be part of Australian Government organizations. I love my family most, so I would not be able to stay away from them for a longer period. After proper conditioning of my skills with global exposure, I would return to my home country and re-join the ranks of TCS to work in a senior profile with more autonomy and authority. I have seen “Coding hands” my friends IT start-up venture has told many successful stories so in distant future, I plan to hatch my own IT company through which I would deliver breakthrough IT disruptions.   I would avail of leave at TCS to complete my higher studies. After proper conditioning of my skills with global exposure, I would re-join the levels of TCS to work in a senior profile with more autonomy and authority. In distant future, I plan to hatch my own IT company through which I would deliver breakthrough IT disruptions.   

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