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Infant warmer or
radiant warmer is a device in which baby is placed in it after the delivery
because baby’s blood is cleaned on bed, incision is done, feeder is given and
at that place baby’s temperature is maintained. If there is a difference in temperature
it will lead to a number of diseases because in our environment there are
number of bacteria’s, viruses and poisonous chemicals present  and they work on two temperatures that  is 0 and 100. At 0C they freeze, their
working ability stops and at 100C they destroy completely. The normal human
body temperature’s range is 36.5 to 37.5 C or 98.6F.


When the baby delivered
in exact 09 months, its well mature enough and all of the organs are properly
developed and the brown fat is also present, but on the other hand if the
preterm or immature baby is born like in 06 to 07 months its organs are not
well maintained or fully developed. The most important organ is  brown fat  which is present on the back region side and
is responsible for heat production. So as these immature baby’s lack brown fat means
no heat produced If no brown fat in baby 
means no metabolism and  no heat
generated, so baby’s temperature need an artificial temperature of human so
that its temperature should be maintained that’s why infant warmer is used to
maintain. If not maintained it leads to 
hypothermia or hyperthermia condition. Hypothermia is a condition in
which body’s temperature is low that is 31 to 31C which is not good it can lead
to fever and due to the fever  different
types of diseases can occur, it can also leads to the dehydration of body, heat
loss , shivering and coldness. It can also lead to mental disorders like
thinking, consciousness, speech disturbance, volume blurred, nausea, vomiting,
comma and ultimately it leads to death. On the other hand  hyperthermia is a condition in which the
temperature reaches to 38 to 39C and it too leads to certain types of diseases
and illness which are dangerous for a body. So to prevent from these type of
extreme low and high temperatures we have designed an artificial temperature
device named infant warmer in which the temperature is maintained to 37C which
is the normal body temperature of human.

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The aim and objective
of this project is to design a device  which is cost effective as not much electricity
is used in it, no more amperes, less capacity. We are making it portable,
radiant energy is converted into other forms of energies, heat up methods are
used for heating purposes. The device can be operated through battery. It is
well controlled and at different stages temperature is monitored. If the
temperature is out of the range then the device will be automatically off. We have
also made it wireless controlled according to our wish and will.

These are all the aims
and objectives which we have tried in making our respective device infant

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