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Indonesia is a resource rich country located in
South-East Asia and is best known for the exporting of natural resources which include
crude oil, coal briquettes and petroleum gas. Indonesia’s top two trading
partners are China and Japan due to proximity and Indonesia’s abundant supply
of natural resources which are in demand by both of these partners.  China is the number 1 market for Indonesia’s
natural gas and minerals and Indonesia’s key imports from China include
telephones and computers. Indonesia imports cars, steel, automotive components and electrical
goods from Japan and exports agricultural products, clothing, footwear and
timber to Japan.  

Canada and Indonesia have established a strong bilateral
trade relationship dating back to 1952, when an agreement was signed to support
each other’s economic development. Indonesia’s key imports from Canada are wheat,
fertilizers and wood pulp, its key exports to Canada are rubber, cocoa and
clothing. Canada and Indonesia work together to promote further economic growth
and competitiveness for the businesses of both countries in the areas of infrastructure, agricultural food
products, mining and technology. Canada
has invested its largest share in Indonesia’s mining industry. In terms future
opportunities, Indonesia holds many investment opportunities for Canadian goods
and services and presents a significant investment opportunity for Canadian
businesses in the infrastructure sector. 
Canadian businesses are skilled and have experience in building
infrastructure, they would successfully be able to take advantage of
opportunities in Indonesia. Currently Indonesia is looking to improve its
electrical system and build additional sea ports in Indonesia which help to
export goods with convenience. In conclusion, Canadian companies that hold a
position in the sector of improvising of building infrastructure should invest
and expand into Indonesia due to the multiple benefits it has for Canadian

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