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Indonesia have plenty of energy resources. Most of Indonesia’s power plant use fossil fuels, such
as coal, oil and gas which will run out and caused a greenhouse effect 1. National
Long-Term Development Plan 2005 – 2025 (RPJP) stated that nuclear energy can be
considered to fulfil electricity in Indonesia. According to RPJP, Indonesia is
planning to reach 17% energy share from new and renewable energy, and nuclear
is include among other resources such as solar, biomass, wind and hydro 2. However,
NPP development plan in Indonesia faces obstacles. It because not many people
know about important reasons of NPP for the Country. Indonesia need to build
Nuclear Power Plant for a variety of reasons: environmental considerations,
competitive and availability of abundant fuel.

First, Indonesia needs nuclear to replace using
fossil resources considered environmental aspect. Benefits of NPP in
environmental aspect are clean, environmental friendly, and also have the
lowest environmental impact. During normal operation, NPP do not produce air
pollution which contain carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2)
and nitrogen oxide (NO). These pollutant can contaminate to air, water and
soil. It can cause health effect and premature death 4. The current NPP in
the world has been studied annually that operating NPP can prevent the emission
of more than 2 billion tons of CO2. Thus, the nuclear power plant
can achieve target of Indonesia’s government to reduce CO2 releases which
cause global warming and climate change.

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Second, another reason Indonesia should take
NPP is competitive. Uranium as fuel of NPP is able to generate electricity
larger than fossil fuels. It can be assumed that 1 gram uranium can produce
heat energy which is equal to the burning result of 4 ton coal. This assumption
can be convert to kWh, 1 billion kWh (1 GWh) is only need 1 ton of typical
enriched uraniuml, it is as much as 160000 ton coal. National Nuclear Energy  Agency (BATAN) has been calculated the cost of
electricity NPP based on economical studied. The cost of electricity NPP is
around 10,37 cent USD/kWh. In short, NPP has larger power and  lowest cost than thermal power plant.

Finally, Indonesia have a lot fuel resources,
including uranium. The reason why Indonesia need NPP is availability of abundant
uranium. Related to NPP development plan in Indonesia, communities doubt
readiness of uranium for NPP fuel. Since 1972, BATAN has conducted exploration
activity of radioactive materials. This activity take a result that Indonesia
have potential uranium resources by the amount of about 63 thousand tons
uranium . So far, there are four potential location that have uranium for NPP
fuel; in Mamuju, West Sulawesi; Bangka Belitung; Kalan, West Kalimantan and
Papua. Nowadays, utilization of uranium in Indonesia isn’t exploitation plan
yet, but still in exploration research. Thus, the availability of abundance
uranium in several location in Indonesia can make people realize that NPP can
be utilize to generate suistainable electricity.In
conclusion, Indonesia may have several reasons to build Nuclear Power Plant. The
main reason is related to environmental friendly which have not air pollutant. The
other reasons are also competitive in cost and power, and many fuels of potential
uranium l in Indonesia. So, Indonesia should consider these reasons for
construction NPP plan in the future.

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