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Incorporating Social Media in Project

Social media has been around for several years and we can see how it is
evolved from companies talking about social media; advocating against social
media and not even knowing what social media is. Nowadays, we can see that not
only individuals but also companies are embracing and incorporating social
media technologies not only for the company but for project management
(Fichtner, 2015). Social media is a way that social media technologies can be
used to collaborate team members locally and globally.

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Strength of Social Media

Social media is characterized by interaction among its members in the
same service and the power of the masses (Wikipedia, n.d.). Interactions help spread
the information quickly and efficiently. Everyone can easily share information
from texts, photos, music, and videos. The scope of social media is very large
because of the member’s affiliation and the influence of the members. This is the
only multi-dimensional media available in social media (Wikipedia, n.d.). For
business, social media creates more impact on the way businesses operate,
especially in the way they communicate. If the news is good and relevant to the
user’s interest, they will spread the information. From the recipients of
information, they will trust information from friends in particular rather than
sources from traditional media such as newspaper, advertisement, etc.
Therefore, social media can help businesses raise high value and authenticity
of the source.

            Social media is a new
concept and not used by many enterprises. According to one of Harvard business
reviews, about 80% of the companies are now seeking to connect to social
networking sites like Facebook, small blogs such as Twitter, and sharing media
on YouTube (“The New Conversation”, 2010).  In the review named ‘ The New Conversation:
taking social media from talking to action’ shows that investing in society is
a trend of the future. Even though 79% of the 2,100 companies got interviewed
for a survey, only 12% of those responded to the efficiency of social media
(The New Conversation”, 2010). Most of the beginnings of social media are
driven by word-of-mouth advertising by targeting communities that are
advertising their brands, capturing customer trends and researching to offer new
product ideas (Berthon, 2012). Due to the difficulty of understanding the
opportunities that social media brings and the lack of clarity in recognizing
its benefits, most companies now prefer an empirical control strategy.

            With the basic features
mentioned above, social media offers powerful yet cost-effective tools and a
broad and dynamic working environment for business. However, not all business
can apply or harness the power of social media for their business. In my
opinion, the biggest challenge for the executives is an investment involves a
system that can measure the efficiency of social media and align it with return
on investment (ROI), and an understanding of the differences from the outcomes
of social networking to business. In another hand, Social media will create a
tremendous power for those who make use of it. But its shortcomings such as
amateurism, reliability, and accountability, as well as objectivity, will
become a double-edged sword for companies that intend to adopt social media. In
order to succeed in modern technology, most businesses should have more insight
into the social networking.




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