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this study,the researcher shows the definition and theory in literature review.
It have the write some definition of punctuation marks that taken from the some
of Researcher.


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      According to Jones
(1994)”Punctuation as we consider it,can be defined as the central part of
the range on non-lexical orthography.” Non-Lexical orthography it is the
system of writing convention used to represent spoken English in written form.
That allows readers to connect spelling to sound to meaning. Although arguments
could be made for including the sub-lexical marks.


        Writing is an outward expression of what
is going on in the writer’s mind.”Writing is the visual medium through
which graphical and grammatical system of a language is manifested.”
Another statement in writing ability can be formed as teachers and philosophy
of writing taken into consideration characteristics of learners and aims in a
given contex.

      However writing also can improve the
grammatical and lexical accuracy in writing English. Writing skills are an
important part of communication. In writing requires to know the factors that
influence both its process and product.

      Punctuation and capitalization are
basic,surface features of written communication. However,it was not until the
nineteenth century that authorities recognized that punctuation marks should be
primarily an integral part of the sentencepattern,not an indicator or pauses.
Throughout the literature on punctuation two major purposes are recure to ring
together and to separate. More recently,five major purposes for punctuation
have been identified to terminate and separate,to combine and separate,to
introduce,to enclose,and to indicate.

The full stop (.)

           The main of using full stop is to end of a
sentence. Full stop could not apply in question sentence or exclamation
sentence. It usually has two function there are to end of a sentence and to
write the title of the degree. The example of using full stop to end of a


The Comma (,)

are 8 function and example of using comma. First the comma also use to separate
three or more words of the same part. Example: My 20 million state is to be
split among my husband,daughter,son and nephew. Second use comma is to separate
two adjectives when the word “and” can be inserted. Example: He is a
strong,healthy man. Third, use comma to surrounding the name or the title. Example:
Will you,Aisha,do that assignment for me? Fourt,to separate the day,year and
place. Example: Rico met her husband on the December 5,2003,in New York.
Fifth,use comma to interrupt the flow of the sentence and and the example is: I
am, as you have probably   



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