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In previous
national election 2013 saw that the reduction twenty two seats of ruling party
Cambodia People Party while largest opposition party CNRP had held fifty five seats
in National Assembly and CNRP. CNRP spoken declared a predict that they will
won the 2018 upcoming election; support for opposition raise notably among
young urban voters whose objective change Hun Sen regime; and CNRP won many
commune election blow CPP lose many votes. These factors have exhorted Prime
Minister Hun Sen to eradicate democracy in Cambodia in order to secure its

government is violating Human Right which is the first feature of Democracy. In
term of human right, social independent media expressions have freedom of
speech and assembly attempting to extend the accurate news about what the
situation is. In contrast, most of democracy institute in Cambodia as well as
the social media were banned notably after they released news which effect on
ruling party gripping power in Cambodia. For example, Cambodia Daily, which is
an English language running in Cambodia more than 24 years; newspaper has
closed its office due to unable to repay 6.3 million dollars of an alleged
unpaid tax for internet access. Daily ended its process with a front page
naming “Decent Into Outright Dictatorship,” which mean that Cambodia democracy
is starting deteriorated. (Joshua, L, August 23). Furthermore, Voice Of America
was closed from broadcast in order to prevent the voice of the opposition and
set limitation to media freedom, Foreign programs of local radios in Cambodia
have been ordered by Cambodian government to stop broadcasting in the upcoming
general election in July 2018; all FM station have been asking to conclude transmitting
Khmer-language radio programs support by foreign broadcasters aiming to prevent
international interferences in election poll as well.( Parameswaran, P, June
28). Other devastating thing is an arrested under investigating of two former Journalists
for US-based Radio Free Asia in Cambodia Oun Chhin and Yeang Socheameta on
trumped up charges of espionage with foreigner. This case is a crime that they
sent secretly domestic information to international in the absent of permission.
(Dara,M, November 16). Afterward, Prime Minister Hun Sen has crackdown Human
Right in Cambodia. In addition, he has called for Interior Ministry to
investigate and shut a leading Human Rights group, Cambodia Center for Human
Right which was set up by embattled Kem Sokha in charge of treason relating to
dethrone Hun Sen government.(Gnanasagaran, A, December 8). Second, in term of
second feature of democracy, it must have multi parties and political
tolerance. Actually, it is existing in Cambodia which has many political
parties, which are dependence parties, to compete each other; it just an image
that prepare by ruling party because the biggest opposition party was dissolved
in 16 November, 2017. Therefore, Cambodia political is returning into a single
party rule that remains no significant challenging of the election next year.
For instance, the historic ruling will see the opposition party disbanded and
also prohibits 118 of the party’s senior officials from involving politics for
five years because CNRP had engaged in a “Color revolution”, back by The United
States, to overthrow the Hun Sen government which led Cambodia over thirty two
years(Sokhean, B,  November 16). Third,
how could 2018 election is free and fair if opposition party was eliminated Sam
Ransy expel to abroad, CNRP leader is in prison, prohibit independence media,
threat CNRP lawmaker leading flee to abroad, transfer four CNRP investigator to
other parties in NEC. Fourth, Democratic government must have three branches, which
are Judiciary (interpretation and enforce the law), Executive (administration
and implementation of laws and policies) and Legislative (passing citizen
interest), to check and balance. Otherwise, demolish CNRP has reject three
million Cambodian interest which had voting to 489 commune chiefs to represent
citizens need in assembly that CNRP gain 55 seats. Thus, the policy and law
that is implemented is absent of Cambodian requirement. (Sokhean, B, November
16). Only one hand, democracy is meaningful if citizen participation actives
which means that Cambodian have the right to know, to participate, to gather,
to release, to criticize to transformation, and protest against government
whereas most of this factors are absented. As an illustrate, Kem Ley who was a
prominent Cambodian political activist and government critic, has been shot
dead in Cal Tex mart in Phnom Penh.(BBC, July 10). Most of Cambodian remain awareness
of dead of involving criticize ruling party power.

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