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In Act one, this scene introduced the plot of the story of Othello. Othello is a African man who fell in love with Desdemona a white woman who is also the senator’s daughter of Brabantio. At the beginning of the play Roderigo and Iago take place talking about the secret wedding that Othello and Desdemona have planned. Iago envies Othello for passing up in a promotion and Roderigo gets mad at Iago for not telling him sooner for he also loves Desdemona. After hearing about the secret wedding Iago and Roderigo arrive to Brabantio house to awake him and tell him that Othello has stolen his daughter and plans to seduce her into marrying him. Brabantio is angered of what he has heard and goes out along with Roderigo, Iago and several men with torches to look for them.        In scene two, they arrive at another street where they find Othello and Desdemona. Iago pretends to be Othello’s friend and warns him that Desdemona father has found out about the wedding and is on his way with the Duke his brother to divorce them. Othello thanks Iago for his warning but isn’t frightened as he tells Iago that him and Desdemona married out of love. As the Brabantio and the Duke arrive at the scene Brabantio is enrage and accuses Othello for witchcraft as he believes that his daughter would never marry an African man.        At the council chamber, Othello speaks to the Duke of his love for Desdemona. Othello explains to the Duke that he fell in love with the way she pitied his sorrow. The stanza “She gave me for my pain a world of sighs” means that for all the pain Othello has felt, Desdemona give Othello relief and comfort. This is very important for Othello for he has never met anyone who pitied his for his pain. Othello builds a strong relationship with Desdemona a deep love for her that he has never felt. As the he tells the Duke, Brabantio doesn’t believe anything that Othello has said. Othello tells them to let Desdemona pass and confess their love and tells Brabantio if he is lying that they can arrest him. As they pass Desdemona to confess their love Brabantio her father is deceived of what he has heard and disclaims her as his daughter.        In scene three, after the council chamber the Duke send Othello off to war. Othello asks the Duke if he can arrange Desdemona to go along with him for she has no place to stay and the Duke allowed it. After that Roderigo tells Iago about wanting to die for he loves Desdemona and sees no point in living for she loves someone else. Iago finds this foolish and tells Iago to sell his land and to follow Desdemona and the Moor to Cyprus for Desdemona can easily fall out of love with Othello.   Also, Emilia’s one small dishonest act that got out of hand, and was towards Desdemona, by stealing her special handkerchief turns out to have devastating consequences. The loss of the handkerchief is what convinces Othello that Desdemona is guilty, which led to Emilia’s little theft ends up causing her friend’s death, at least in part. But she redeems herself, or at least gives a good shot at trying. It’s Emilia who discovers the truth about Iago’s plotting and reveals it to the world. She can’t bring Desdemona back to life, but she does clear her name. She ends up sacrificing her life so that Desdemona won’t be remembered as a whore. Iago kills Emilia as payback for unmasking him, but Emilia died and did set the record straight.

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