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the hotel industry, it is essential that the customers are always satisfied
with the services provided to them, as this will make not only old customers to
come back but also attract new visitors. Alhelalat, Habiballah & Twaissi
(2017) however, have highlighted some of the factors that characterize employee
behavior and are directly linked to customer satisfaction. In this case, it is
vital to watch out how the relationship between the customers and the employees
is going on by focusing on both functional and personal aspects of the workers.
In their research, Alhelalat, Habiballah & Twaissi (2017) utilized the survey
method as this appeared to be a good approach in studying a significant number
of tourists who were having dinner at a Jordan restaurant during a vacation.
From the data collected, Alhelalat, Habiballah & Twaissi (2017) concluded
that the personal aspects of employees affected the customers’ satisfaction as
compared to the functional factors. Therefore, the management was prompted to
introduce programs that would improve the customer service provision. One of
the suggested approaches was the introduction of reinforcement methods that
would in return motivate employees and boost performance thus, customer
satisfaction. Reinforcement would include giving rewards and incentives to the
employees. The other valuable suggestion that was made was that the marketers
had a significant role to play in the personal attributes that were displayed
when they marketed their products. Functional language and enthusiasm are some
of the individual traits to be elicited by the marketers. In this way,
Alhelalat, Habiballah & Twaissi (2017) have pointed out that the personal
aspects are the ones that determine how customers enjoy the services provided
to them.

the other hand, Barrows (2012) highlights some of the current challenges that
are facing the hotel industry in the globe and which every hotel manager must
be aware of. Some of the factors that he has listed include; terrorist attacks,
the ever-changing customer demands, internet reliability, globalization and the
emergence of new models of business that are posing stiff competition to the
existing ones. In his book, Barrows (2012) gives a thorough explanation of some
of the management skills that can be used by both leaders and the managers in
the hotel industry. The skills are not confined to the foodservice but also the
tourism and lodging goings-on. The article is an excellent resource because it
too looks at both the past and the present activities in the hotel industry
providing a unique platform for comparison and making the necessary changes.
Barrows (2012) gives every detail that one needs to know when it comes to the
hotel industry and as such, it acts as a book that can be used by beginners who
are venturing in the service provision and especially in the hotel industry.
Some of the additional aspects covered in the article are; the various
hospitality careers that people can choose from travel activities and the
numerous ways that leaders can use in hotel management. After the completion of
the text, readers will have a clear comprehension of everything that surrounds
hotel industry inclusive of the leadership and the managerial skills that
managers utilize for management purposes.

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