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In November 2010, 1964 Lichtenstein painting “Ohhh
Alright” was
sold for $42.6 million dollars, at christies New York.  Lichtenstein would himself have found this
chocking as he used to say who pays so much for what he called “used

Ohhh…Alright is
Dderived from the June 1963 edition of Secret Hearts #88 by Arleigh Publishing
Corp,. (now part of D.C. Comics,.  one of the many work created by After 1963,
Lichtenstein’s After 1963 using comics images of women often distressed and
stylish in appearance, -painted in the 3 primary colours. based women
“…look hard, crisp, brittle, and uniformly modish in appearance, as if
they all came out of the same pot of makeup.” This particular example is iconic
and one of several that are cropped so closely that the hair flows beyond the
edges of the canvas. They are oftecanvas. n  featuring ladies in distress. This The image
portray an  iconic image, anxious a beautiful,
fraught woman with a furrowed uneven brow grasps grabbing the telephone in in both
hands as she says “Ohhh…Alright…” What I like about it is the way she’s holding
the phone,” says National Gallery curator Harry Cooper. “She’s
caressing the phone, and I think in a way she would rather have a relationship
with the receiver than with whoever is on the other end of the line. (Stamburg
2012).It was painted at the apex of Lichtenstein’s Lichtenstein painted using,
cropped and magnified dots of the original comic image. One might think that
each dot was hand painted but the technique he applies involves the use of a
variety of stencils use of enlarged dots, cropping and magnification of the
original source.  .Lichtenstein didn’t
paint each and every dot by hand. Instead, he used various kinds of stencils
with perforated dot patterns.With such precision, he transformed commercial
images into art. Ohhh…Alright…is
suggestive, sensual and possibly reflective of the view of women at the time. She
looks vulnerable, almost tearful but at the same time composed, and in control
of her emotions.  He’d brush his paint
across the top of the stencil, and the colors dropped through, as perfect
circles. In doing so, he was elevating commercial images from comics, and ads
into art.

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An image, with its precision and simplicity
evokes emotions and fire the imagination. Abstracts artists would have possibly
founded it upsetting as The abstracts artists were possibly upsets as they saw
their whole world of anguish vanish with this work of irony and witty yet
beautifully executed. The use of comics appealed to Lichtenstein although he
was not a fan and he could never go back to the previous form of art of his
early career. However the influence of Picasso was highly evident in his work
so as Matisse and Monet.

” His approach to work was joyful and
playful, and by 1964 he was internationally known artist although there was
still great controversy about pop art. He treated his work more as marks than a
subject and viewed it upside down and reflected in mirrors, almost to eliminate
any excess or doubling of. He thrived on contradiction and transformed his
original sources of inspiration. He believed that the position of lines is
important rather than the character of it.  
Roy Lichtenstein left it up to the viewers to decide what has just
transpired in his 1964 painting of a tense phone call titled Ohhh
… Alright …

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