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In a modern world with internet, smartphones and cameras
main aspect that suffers the most and that is not developing as fast as
technologies is personal privacy. This topic had very high focus after Edward
Snowden’s speech in 2014, but after everything calmed down, somehow people
stopped talking about it. In many countries there are Data Protection
inspectorates, who are trying to do researches and create laws to protect
personal privacy. Unfortunately, in some places they cannot make it as fast as
the technologies develop.


The sources of privacy threats are:

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Employees of the organization;




Data protection institutions have already made different
laws to protect personal privacy in a real world. In some countries it is not
allowed to make a video on the street, because you can accidently shoot a
person who did not want to be shot. For these cases there should be a line,
because one thing is to protect persons privacy, different is to protects
yours, when somebody is committing a crime. Good example is a dash cam. From one
point it shoots everything, from other point you will be able to prove that you
are innocent, if something happens. So, there should be used common sense that
if outside from your home, there are other people, this place is automatically
public and in this place shooting should be allowed without any permission,
because why can’t you shoot trees in the park or make a nice autumn picture of
tram in colorful leaves. Totally different thing is when you are at home and
you want to walk for example naked, then without your permission nobody should
be able to shoot you or your property. This is an example of making a personal
video for personal use.


In some countries, for example Estonia, in stores and
offices, if there is used a video surveillance camera, then the person should
be informed about it. Even a sign on the door is enough and if there is no,
then the footage cannot be used to prove, that the person has stolen something
or committed some other crime. In the same country employee is not allowed to track
workers using cameras, but only use them for safety (in case if something has
happened, footage can be checked).


There are rules and regulations about privacy in a real
world, they are not perfect and they are not covering all the aspects. Probably
the reason is that development is too fast and the government cannot adjust so
quickly and while in the real world there are some problems with personal
privacy, then in the internet it is a total disaster. For example, google
basically knows everything about users (there are information from phones,
browsers, tablets, etc.), basically they have all the information about, who,
where, what time and what was reading, writing, searching, watching. For money
(if web page is using google analytics) they will provide the owner of the web
page some of this information.


Companies who own different trackers are trying to make them
more independent, so there will be less human power involved and more
information will be collected. One of the solutions might be or already is AI.
Small AIs can collect, group, categorize all the required information about the
visitor and provide the owner with the information he has access to. So, if all
this will be grouped up and used by the bigger AI, then it will know all the
information about almost every person on this planet. If we take in count that
YouTube is using face recognition and even if you accidently got on someone’s
video, then it is already known, how you look like, where were you, what were
you doing, what were you watching at, what emotions were you feeling. Let’s add
to it that most of the population has smartphone in their pocket, that can
track location and use voice recording and recognition. In the end, we get best
worldwide tracking structure, which will be the most accurate thing ever. From
one point of view this can make our world much safer that it is now. If
somewhere will be committed a crime, then AI can analyze geo location, who was
in this location at this specific time, movements of the subject (gyroscope of
the phone), sounds and voices through phones and the suspect can be identified
in seconds.


Next question will be of course how much can we trust this
information? Can this information be faked? How legal will be to use this
information? Today most of this information is been collected and stored, but
never used, while it can bring out legal issues. Even to use this information
ones nowadays will bring panic and strikes. So, this innovation will take time
to be able to use. From one point of view, why should we wait if it will make
our lives safer? From other point most of the population can still disagree
with the concept, that every step they make, everything they say will be
recorded and might be used against them. There are aspects for and against both.
Main issue is that this tracking might be abused by the government, who will
try to find out and eliminate people who are against it. It is not a secret
that there are always people who are supporting government and who are against
it. So, if the government will know exactly who are these people what will they
do with this information? Try to change their own points of view and learn on
critics about them, convince people why they are wrong or just try to eliminate
them? Unfortunately, I the latest history government barely tried to listen to
people who are against them and that is where the fear of tracking to be abused
comes from. Government will not only focus to control aggressive part of
opposition, but even peaceful part of it.

Main question that will be covered in this research will be
to find out how many different tracking programs are there, how widely they are
used, how legal it is to use them and how users are informed about those

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