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In conducting research
for this study, information and data was collected from a number of internet
articles, reports and studies in order to have a better understanding to
conduct this study. According to sources such as a study done by Dr.Peter Auvergne
of the University of Sydney “Chess is one of the most powerful educational
tools available to strengthen a child’s mind. It’s fairly easy to learn how to
play.”His study shows that chess can raise intelligence quotient (IQ) scores.
This can be due to numerous reasons stated in the study, a few reason are
playing chess can strengthen problem solving skills, enhance reading, memory,
language, and mathematical abilities it also fosters critical, creative and
original thinking.

Playing chess gives an
individual a chance to learn multiple of aptitudes. Playing chess well involves
a combination of aptitudes. To support this Dr.Albert Frank did a number of
studies, in Zaire 1973-1974 one of his studies found that good teenage chess
players that were ages 16-18 years old had strong spatial, numerical,
administrative-directional and paperwork abilities. Dr Robert Ferguson also
states that the finding tends to show that abilities in chess is not only
because of the presence in an individual’s one or two abilities but that a substantial
number of aptitudes all come together in while taking part in chess. This
occurred for the majority of students -not just the strong players- who took a
chess course for two hours each week for one school year. 

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Another study in New
Brunswick Canada 1990-1992 investigated the development of problem solving
skills among children. This was done by integrating chess into the traditional
mathematics, results show that the average problem solving scores of the
students had raise significantly. It also stated that the students also scored
far higher on problem solving tests than ones who just took the standard
mathematics course.    People believed in the educational benefits
of chess so much that students participating in chess tournament went up from
120 to 19,000 in just over three years.  
(Ferguson 1995, p. 11).In fact in some counties like Russia has made
chess a compensatory in the nation educational system.

Although much of the
studies support the idea that chess can be used as way of improving students
academics, much of it was published the main stream of modern technology. An
argument could be made that instead of learning to play chess students can find
a variety of online resources that can help improve their academic performance
in a shorter space of time. All of the studies were done outside of Trinidad
and Tobago in more developed counties. These countries most likely had players
and coaches that are of a higher skilled than the ones locally. In addition to
other counties having better resources, the attitudes of people towards any
particular sports varies differently in each country. Locally mores resources
are spent on football cricket etc. So other counties could have afford to spend
more resources tailoring their specific needs, because of this the impact of
chess locally and internationally could vary.       



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